laura mappin crochet art

Yesterday I shared the work of phallic crochet artist Kirstin Fredericks and mentioned that her work reminded of Laura Mappin’s crochet art. I haven’t featured Mappin here, yet, so I thought I’d do that today. Mappin crochets edgy, dirty, naughty crochet doilies that have tongue-in-cheek messages and a sense of humor.

Crocheting to Be Yourself

Mappin inspires me because her humorous crochet art is designed not to just get a laugh but to help people truly be who they are.

She writes (in her about page, which I encourage you to read in full), “I want to live in a world surrounded by people being true to themselves and supporting each other in that vein. Yes, this has been my personal work too, with my own secrets. I make these doilies and art pieces to add my voice to all those doing the same to make space for these secrets to dissipate, go poof.”

I believe in the idea that by being absolutely true to my own heart, creative impulses and authentic self, I give permission to everyone else to do the same. Laura Mappin embodies that idea with her risqué crochet art.

Dirty Doilies

Mappin works in thread crochet and occasionally adds beads or other embellishments to her work. Here are some examples of her crochet art:

penis crochet table runner

dirty crochet doily art

crochet art
laura mappin crochet art


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