One of the best things about the craft of crochet is that you only need to know a few basic stitches to be able to make almost anything that you want to make. Many stitch patterns that look intricate, detailed and difficult are actually just made using the single crochet, double crochet and other Crochet 101 stitches that even a beginner knows. Impress people with difficult-looking crochet items using these five awesome-but-easy stitch patterns.

1. Cross Hatch Stitch Pattern

cross hatch crochet stitch

The right combination of single crochets and double crochets creates this terrific textured stitch pattern. With only two different rows, the Cross Hatch Stitch Pattern is easy to pick up!

2. Basketweave Stitch

basketweave crochet pattern

Learning basketweave stitch means that you have to learn to crochet around the posts of your work instead of into the loops. Once you’ve done that, though, the stitch pattern is really simple. It creates a terrific textured fabric that is plush and beautiful.

3. Double Zig Zag Stitch

zig zag crochet stitch

People will take a look at a scarf or wrap made using the Double Zig Zag Stitch and think that it’s far more complex to make than it really is. In fact, this stitch pattern is simply made using double crochets; the pattern is created by skipping stitches in the right places.

4. Picot Trellis Stitch

picot trellis crochet stitch

The picot trellis stitch is a nice openwork design. That makes it a great lightweight choice for spring and summer crochet projects. It is made using single and double crochet stitches as well as basic chain stitches.

5. Classic Granny Square

large granny squares

The granny square is the quintessential crochet motif. It is one of the first motifs many people learn. Once you learn it, you can use it to make many different things. Learn how to crochet a granny square today.

This is a slightly edited reprint of a crochet article that I wrote for Crochet Today last year.


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