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Something Special

crochet farm art

Crochet artist is collecting plarn crochet leaves for art installation. Learn more.

Crochet Quotes

When asked what she loves about crochet, Janelle Ponte said, “It’s just so therapeutic. I have such an absolute passion for it. I’d really like to teach the whole world to crochet and appreciate the beauty of crochet.”

and a second one this week:

Sucrette shares, “Most of the time, specially in the evenings, I crochet so I don’t think much, I crochet so I don’t look at the news, I crochet so I don’t become crazy… That’s why every week I have a lot of crochet to share… It is my medicine, my anti stress, my kind of escape for a better world where everyone live in PEACE with everyone.”

Crochet Art

crochet led lights

Joana Vasconcelos‘ Valkyrie Matarazzo is being specifically made for the interior of the Matarazzo Hospital’s chapel and is the first work from the Valkyries series integrating light, crocheted with thousands of LEDs. After 20 years of inactivity, the enormous area of the hospital will host works by about 100 contemporary artists from around the world.”

crochet sculpture art

Crochet art exhibit about muscle memory. “Our craft is driven by the ability of our muscles to repeat learned skills, so we can create while our minds wander. Textiles, like muscles, have the ability to expand, contract and hold memories.” Really great article @TextileArtsCent

crochet sailboats

Crochet and driftwood sailboats

crochet coral

An article came out about the Smithsonian crochet coral reef exhibit. “The exhibit represents the melding of science, art, conservation and community in a traditional museum setting and is a clear example of just how effective and meaningful such a union can ultimately be. The exhibit attracts an unusually wide audience of both science/conservation and art/handicraft enthusiasts. And as one visitor commented: “It’s about coral reefs, on one level. On another, it’s about community, the idea of a coral reef being a community and it’s similarity to a community of people coming together to make this reef.”

Crochet Books

crochet hats book

Lark Crafts announced Crochet Boutique Hats coming out in the fall

crochet motifs book

@crochetkitten reviewed Marvelous Crochet Motifs by @gocrochet

veteran crochet patterns

Leisure Arts has put together a downloadable E-BOOK to honor America’s veterans, called Honoring Our Veterans. The 12 afghan designs are all crocheted with AMERICAN MADE yarn.” via @cutecrochet

Crochet Designers

crochet fashion

Derry Journal had an article profiling Katrina, the crochet designer behind Finders Keepers Couture

crochet interview

@gocrochet did a short interview with @hotlavacrochet who designed the above crochet tee

crochet blanket

@simplycrochet_ interviewed @warmpixie

Crochet Fashion

crochet jewelry

Crochet bib necklaces by @lifeblooming01

crochet necklace

Crochet cotton necklace from Kelli Ronci

crochet wire jewelry

Crochet necklace by Radka Design

crochet fruit shoes

Crochet fruit shoes (wearable) by Fruit Punch spotted on @knithacker

Crochet Patterns

crochet leaf pattern

Crochet maple leaf free pattern from Happy Berry Crochet

crochet sunflower pattern

Crochet sunflower free pattern from @Mattscraftyblog

crochet rose pattern

Crochet rose free pattern from Greedy For Colour

crochet wallet pattern

Bobble stitch wallet free crochet pattern from @annemariesblog

crochet strawberry pattern

Strawberry cake binder cozy free crochet pattern from @twinkiechan

hairpin crochet pattern

Hairpin lace infinity scarf free crochet pattern from @BHookedCrochet spotted thanks to Tangled Happy

crochet cowl pattern

Free crochet cowl pattern from @gleefulthings

crochet pencil pouch pattern

Free crochet pencil pouch pattern from @CraftaholicAnon

crochet hat free pattern

Crochet hat free pattern from @ElkStudio_

crochet pattern set

Crochet Luxe Wristwarmer and Headband Set Patterns free from Illuminate Crochet

crochet hot pads pattern

Crochet hot pads free pattern by @LiveWellUtah

crochet flapper hat pattern

Crochet flapper hat free pattern from Hopeful Honey

crochet cowl free pattern

Swanky glam cowl free crochet pattern from @myhobbyiscroche

crochet edging pattern

Vintage crochet edging pattern via @olgalacycrochet

crochet bracelet pattern

Wire crochet bracelet pattern for sale from @crochetspot

Crochet Tutorials

single crochet spiral tutorial

How to Single Crochet Spiral from SnoveJ

how to reverse single crochet

How to Reverse Single Crochet from Forever in Fibre

crochet tutorial

How to skip crochet stitches via @mooglyblog

Crochet Tips

crochet tips

Stitch and Unwind rounded up 15 crochet tips and tricks

Crochet News

gil witte crochet

Studio visit with Gilbert “Gil” Witte, 48, of Savoy, a University of Illinois Library operations associate who took up crocheting 25 years ago. He curated the exhibition “Knot Forgotten: The Tennyson Library of Crochet at Illinois.”

crochet woman

90-year-old Ruth Anderson teaches crochet to Girl Scouts

Yarn Stuff

qiviut yarn

@omgheartcrafts tells us all about qiviut yarn

yarn dyer

@recrochetions interviewed Stephanie Fregosi for her Dyers in their Studios series

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