Last month I shared all of the crochet I spotted on Season One of Orange is the New Black. Today I thought I’d do a roundup for Season Two. I frequently spot crochet in the background of TV shows but it’s in almost every episode of this show and there are some really great pieces. They don’t really discuss the specific benefits of crochet in prison but by highlighting it in this way they help subtly raise awareness of the issue.

Episode Four is rich with examples of crochet:

crochet scarf tv

The episode opens with Morello putting on her makeup and trying to glam up her look despite her surroundings. The final touch is this purple crochet scarf. It makes appearances on her all throughout the season.

tv crochet blanket

Then right after that it goes to a scene of Morello in her life before prison and there’s this colorful crochet granny square blanket in that scene

tv crochet pillow

Then we see Piper talking to Red who is in bed, leaning up against a colorful crochet pillow (above) with a beautiful colorful crochet blanket atop her (below).

tv crochet blanket

We see the pillow at least once more in the season but it’s the blanket that we keep seeing again and again, in most scenes where Red is in her bunk.

tv crochet blanket

And finally there’s another crochet blanket scene here on Boo

Crochet in Other Episodes

tv crochet blanket

A chevron blanket spotted on the arm of a sofa in Episode 7

tv crocheting

A scene where some of the inmates are crocheting in Episode 8

tv crocher scarf

A crochet scarf also from Episode 8

tv yarn

Hm, that’s definitely yarn on Mr. Healey’s desk in Episode 11

tv crochet blanket

A yellow crochet blanket spotted just briefly in Episode 11

tv crochet blanket

A beautiful shell crochet blanket on the back of a sofa in episode 12; I didn’t get a terrific shot of it but you can see some great detail in the actual scene

tv crochet hat

A crochet baby hat also in Episode 12

tv crochet hat

Some crochet on a nun in a scene where several nuns are wearing knit and crochet accessories, Episode 13

tv crochet hat cowl

And finally, the nun that’s in prison is wearing a crochet hat and cowl at the end of Episode 13

Did I get them all or did I miss some? If you saw any crochet items in Season 2 of Orange is the New Black that aren’t listed here, let me know!


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  1. This show isn’t on free to air, but I hope to get to see it one day, I hear it’s very good?

    • @Carol you can get a 1 month free trial of netflix. (if i were you i’d wait until june 2016 so you can see all 4 seasons at once)

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