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I recently shared with you that Craftsy was offering a free crochet mini class taught by The Crochet Dude. If you haven’t checked it out, you still should. But today I’ve got another great class for you taught by Edie Eckman. This terrific crochet designer shows us nearly one dozen different motif joining techniques in this class that’s valued at $29.99.

About The Crochet Class

crochet joining motifs

This is a class that’s meant just for me … and for the many crocheters out there like me who really enjoy crocheting granny squares and other motifs but really hate putting them together into bigger pieces. That’s how I am. I end up with boxes and boxes of crochet motifs that I ultimately end up donating to yarnbombers and other crocheters because I don’t like the process of joining all of those motifs. This class is designed to make joining easy. It gives us the skills to crochet motifs in a variety of different ways so that we can pick what’s right for us and for a particular project and stop avoiding the process of making those cute motif-based designs just because we don’t want to do the joining.

What You’ll Learn

crochet motifs

Edie Eckman is an approachable online crochet teacher who has a straightforward teaching style that makes it easy to learn from her in this format. In this class, you’ll learn a wide variety of things that help with crochet motif joining including:

  • Different seaming options including whipstitch and slip stitch seaming as well as seaming information for joining corners and combining seams.
  • Eckman also teaches the all-important join-as-you-go (JAYGO) technique, which is great for those of us who don’t want to be left with a pile of crochet motifs and a lot of joining to do at the end. She teaches multiple JAYGO techniques in this class.
  • When you join motifs, there are times when there are spaces in the work. You can enhance the look of the final piece with fillers; this Craftsy crochet class shows us how to do that. It’s a great advanced technique.
  • There are, of course, many different crochet motifs that we can join together to make blankets, scarves, tablecloths and clothing. There is an entire lesson in this crochet class with tips and information for crocheting together different motif shapes including squares, triangles, circles and hexagons. It’s really helpful information that will take the crocheter’s skill far beyond this class alone.
  • This class teaches some important finishing techniques when you’ve joined crochet. Eckman makes a point of showing us how the continuous final round works in theory as well as in practice, showcasing that she has the hands-on skill to teach this course!

About Crochet Designer Edie Eckman

Crochet Designer Edie Eckman

If you follow this blog regularly then you know that I’m a fan of crochet designer Edie Eckman. In the past, I’ve recommended taking her Stitches West crochet classes, noted that her home is one I’d love to visit for a crochet retreat and positively reviewed her book Around the Corner Crochet Borders. I’ve also quoted her as saying something that I think exemplifies the calm and cool way that she teaches this new Craftsy crochet class: ”

“Don’t panic! You can do this! If you can put your hook somewhere, wrap the yarn over the hook, and pull the hook out, you can crochet any stitch.”

Edie is one of those great crochet teachers who wears many hats. She has owned a yarn store, worked as a crochet designer for magazines, yarn companies and her own line, served as a crochet magazine editor and a pattern technical editor, and authored crochet and knitting books. She clearly loves the crafts and wants to do as much with them as she can. Working in all of these capacities has broadened her skills beyond just being able to crochet well and into being able to teach the craft to others. She’s a pleasure to learn from.

Take the Class

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