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I recently received some yarn to try from Adriafil. I already shared the Hita Hat that I worked with their yarn; now I want to share some of their crochet cotton yarn that I’ve been working with.

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Uno a Ritorto 5 Cotton Yarn

Adriafil Yarns

The yarn that I’m working with in this post is Adriafil’s Uno a Ritorto 5 Cotton Yarn. This is a classic Egyptian cotton yarn that comes in 30 different colors. I’m working with the bright green. I love the boldness of the color and the way that it shines. The dye takes really well to the cotton and the color is vibrant as a result.

About Egyptian Cotton Yarn

Adriafil had this to say about their Egyptian cotton yarn:

cotton yarn

Egyptian cotton is considered by experts to be the best and finest cotton in the world. Unlike other yarns, Egyptian cotton is hand picked. This, as opposed to mechanical picking, ensures straight and intact fibers to start with.

It is strong, resilient and durable and still it proves to be very comfortable and soft. The length of the fiber makes it possible to make the finest of yarns without sacrificing the strength of the yarn. It is more resistant to stress, to use through time, and to washing than any other cotton. You can wash it and use it as you like; this quality cotton will just soften through the years, improving its performance.

Adriafil provides the best cotton quality, but also ensures a high thread count (number of cords twisted together in a single strand) for each cotton product, in order to enhance its resistance. It’s a luxury cotton yarn, which is a joy to crochet with.

My Yarn Experience

cotton yarn

I agree that this was a lovely yarn to work with. It was definitely durable, having a stretch to it that made it easy to work with even using a small hook.

seed stitch

I’ve been on a kick recently of just making solid pieces of fabric using entire balls of yarn and that’s what I chose to do here. I worked forty stitches across and then did an altering sc, dc across each row (seed stitch) to create a great textured fabric. I might use it as the basis for a dishcloth, although I haven’t really decided. The yarn was easy to work with, smooth without any splitting, and the resulting fabric does indeed seem like it’s going to be durable.


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