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It has just come to my attention that at least one person is disappointed with the delay in Hook to Heal’s publication so I wanted to publish another update for you in case it’s something that you’ve been wondering about.

What is Hook to Heal?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Hook to Heal is my next book. It’s a set of creative crochet exercises designed to help people take the craft further in terms of using it to heal or improve quality of life.

Why Are People Disappointed?

I started this project thanks to some wonderful Indiegogo funding last spring. I had a lot of people support what I was doing and I immediately began on the book. However, I expected to have the book out last fall and it’s not out yet so some people are disappointed.

Well, What Happened?

As I explained in this update, I got accepted to a graduate school program shortly after starting the book. That program is an intensive counseling program designed to really shake your core and help you get to know yourself to the greatest possible degree. It’s been a hugely transformative program. And because of that, my take on the book shifted as I was writing it. I could have released the book last fall but it seemed like it was unfinished because of the changes taking place in me. I want this book to be the best possible book that it can be and I feel like I’ve gained new information in the past year that must be in it for that to happen.

And Images

The text is done, save for some final edits, but now I’m working on adding images. One of the complaints that people had about my last book, Crochet Saved My Life, was that there were no pictures of projects. I didn’t feel that they were necessary because it was a story-driven book, but I do think that images would add a lot to this exercise-focused crochet book. That requires a lot of learning on my end. I don’t have experience adding images into documents so there’s a learning curve there, but it’s in the works and I’m pleased with how it’s turning out.

So Now What?

Hook to Heal still has a 2014 release date. I don’t have an exact date but it will be out before the year has come to an end. That said, and I’ve offered this several times already, if anyone who donated does not want to wait any longer for their copy I can completely understand that and am 100% willing to offer a refund upon request. Just send me an email and we’ll work that out.

My Hopes

I am endlessly appreciative of all of the support that I’ve gotten for my work. It is my hope that this book will emerge in the best possible form that it could have taken. I’m disappointed that it took me longer than expected, because I hate to disappoint the people who have supported me, but I’m happy with the way that the material has shaped up. I hope that it will help people when it is published later this year.


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