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Your Crochet on Instagram

Featured Instagrammer

This week’s featured crocheting instagrammer is sharna_sews. I only discovered her about a week ago but I’ve just fallen in love with everything that she makes and shares. She uses a variety of lovely color combinations to make great work, especially motif-based crochet work. I especially love the wearables that she makes but she also makes a lot of cute crochet cushions and other things. Her Instagram feed is crochet-rich but also features some other crafty things and life snippets. This week she shared:

sharna_sews instagram crochet

sharna_sews instagram crochet squares

sharna_sews instagram crochet motifs

sharna_sews instagram crochet pillow

sharna_sews instagram crochet square cushion

sharna_sews instagram crochet cushion front

And more great instagrammers’ crochet

From crochetingthruchronicdiseases:

crochetingthroughchronicdiseases instagram crochet

crochetingthroughchronicdiseases instagram

crochetingthroughchronicdiseases instagram crochet square

From ektelykke:

ektylkke instagram crochet

ektelykke instagarm crochet blanket

ektelykke instagram crochet mandala

From missmotherhook:

missmotherhook crochet colorful blanket

missmotherhook instagram colorful crochet blanket

missmotherhook instagram crochet jars

missmotherhook crochet motifs

And more:

bethshannane instagram crochet waistcoat

Crochet cobweb waistcoat (above) and fingerless gloves below from bethshannanne

bethshananne instagram crochet

creativeglo13 instagram crochet

Lovely matching crochet set from creativeglo13 (baby leggings, headband and hat)

creativeglo13 instagram crochet flower

crochet_ali instagram crochet

Terrific crochet collage (above) and crochet cushion (below) from crochet_ali; cushion made by @thedorsetfinca

crochet_ali instagram crochet cushion

priscillablain instagram crochet

Crochet flower square motifs (above) and football baby hat (below) from priscillablain

priscillablain instagram crochet hat

sapphire314 instagram crochet

Crochet baby flip flops (above) and ruffle scarf (below) from sapphire314

sapphire314 instagram crochet ruffles

valerieburns instagram crochet

Crochet doily (above) and purple blanket (below) from valerieburns

valerieburns crochet blanket

heartmadebeanies instagram crochet

Crochet hat from heartmadebeanies

gigididthis instagram crochet

Crochet fingerless gloves by gigididthis

annysmith1 instagram crochet

Crochet doll by annysmith1

caswelljones instagram crochet

Crochet rug by caswelljones

helenshep181 instagram crochet

Crochet blanket by helenshep181

mygurumi instagram crochet

Chevron crochet from mygurumi

lisesolvan instagram crochet hat

Knit and Crochet hat by Lise Solvang

bluebirdsunshine instagram crochet

Crochet blanket and toy by bluebirdsunshine

My Crochet on Instagram

vercillo instagram crochet granny stitch

vercillo instagram crochet blanket

Post stitch crochet blanket

vercillo instagram novelty yarn

vercillo instagram ribbon yarn

vercillo instagram blanket crochet

One of my large granny square crochet blankets in the works

vercillo instagram yarn

Lovely cotton yarn

vercillo instagram ribbon yarn crochet

Playing with ribbon yarn

vercillo instagram crochet

Basic hdc ribbed crochet with worsted weight yarn

vercillo instagram novelty yarn collage

Playing with novelty yarn / fun fur

vercillo instagram granny square shrug front

vercillo instagram granny square shrug back

Granny square shruglet

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  1. bluebirdsunshine Reply

    Thanks so much for popping my pic on your post. I’ve only just found your blog and I’m loving looking back through your archives. What an amazing collection of crochet inspiration.

  2. CrochetBlogger Reply

    bluebirdsunshine Thanks, so happy to have you as part of it. You do beautiful crochet work.

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