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Your Crochet on Instagram

This week’s featured Instagrammer is Michelle AKA forever__autumn__. Just take one glance at her Instagram feed and you’ll see that she has a perfect color palette that distinctly defines who she is. She shares lots of lovely crochet in those great colors, which is of course my favorite part, but she also shares so other goodies including inspirational words/ phrases, cute kiddos, animals and yummy looking food. Lately she’s fallen in love with the crochet v-stitch:

foreverautumn crochet wip
foreverautumn crochet rows

foreverautumn crochet vstitch

And more instagram crochet this week from:

polly_pet crochet doll

@polly_pet shares the lalylala crochet doll above with some cute styling and also below a modern take on a vintage doily design

polly_pet pink crochet

caswelljones crochet

@caswelljones shares her take on a @winkieflash crochet coaster pattern above and kitty checking out the crochet rag rug below

caswelljones crochet rag rug

lisesolvang crochet blanket

@lisesolvang shares the newest community blanket for donation to the homeless (above) and some great crochet barefoot sandals (below)

lisesolvang barefoot crochet sandals

anargirosmou crochet

@anargirosmou shared some terrific crochet cuteness above with a really artsy flair that I like

stinaross87 crochet flowers

@stinaross87 shared some great crochet hanging flowers

My Crochet on Instagram

instagram crochet

Lucy modeling my crochet cowl

instagram crochet

I’m crocheting a lot of solid colored fabric right now. Not sure what it’s going to become yet.

instagram crochet

Thread in the storefront of a tailor

instagram crochet

More crochet fabric in the works. This one is made using Adriafil’s cotton thread, which I’ll be sharing in more detail on the blog soon.

instagram crochet

Fair Trade Pop Tab crochet clutch bag from Escama Studios. This is where I’ve been storing my crochet hooks recently.

instagram crochet

Large granny square blanket WIP in lace weight merino blues

instagram crochet

This is that same green thread crochet WIP from above in b&w

instagram crochet

Chunky weight crochet cowl in hdd and double treble crochet

instagram crochet

Yarn detail

instagram crochet

The large blue granny WIP again

instagram crochet

Splitpic app art of two crochet projects – the chunky cowl from above and a yellow/ white granny square baby blanket

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  2. Can’t delete your pop up or go to “see what we’re sharing” so I can’t enjoy your site or work. I find this a problem with a lot of sites so I just avoid them & delete their pins. Sorry

    • Kathryn Reply

      Hm, there shouldn’t be any pop ups on my site. What kind of pop up were you seeing?!

    • Kathryn Reply

      I typically don’t work from patterns. The Instagram posts are just what people are sharing from their own work … they’re meant to be inspiration for others!

  3. Nancy Tidwell Reply

    I love the multi colored v stitched aftgan but I can’t do it without a pattern. Can you give me at least how to do the stitch? Thanks

    • Kathryn Reply

      This might be able to help:

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  5. Do you have the written instructions for the second pattern from the top? It is the one with the beautiful cream colored edging. Thank you.

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