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Every weekend I post a Link Love roundup of the best crochet information and patterns from around the web. I’ve been looking through this year’s posts so far and decided it would be a good idea to aggregate some of the patterns into themes to make them easier to find. Today I’ve got a collection of the best crochet motif patterns from 2014 so far. Most of these are free crochet motif patterns although a couple are for sale.

Crochet Square Patterns

crochet flowrer square tutorial

Free Crochet Flower Square Pattern from Color n Cream

crochet granny square teddy bear

Dada’s Place shares a free crochet pattern for a granny square teddy bear

crochet granny square

I love this variation on the classic granny square with rainbow outlining, free from @AboutCrochet

crochet square pattern

Crochet Dahlia Squares free pattern by @repeatcrafterme

crochet flower square pattern

Free crochet flower square pattern via Cats Rockin

crochet flower square

Crochet flower granny square pattern free from @aboutcrochet

crochet square pattern

Grit Stitch Crochet Square Pattern by @repeatcrafterme

flower crochet pattern

Daisy granny square crochet pattern from Daisy Cottage Designs

free crochet mandala square pattern

Daisy Centre Mandala Square free crochet pattern by Zooty Owl spotted via Tangled Happy

Also check out: ReveDreams has put together a terrific complete guide to granny squares; worth bookmarking and sharing!

Crochet Flower Patterns

crochet flower pattern

@menglar shared this free crochet flower pattern

cherry blossom crochet pattern

Cherry Blossom Crochet Flower Pattern by @repeatcrafterme

irish rose crochet pattern

Crochet Irish Rose free pattern from @olgalacycrochet

crochet shamrock free pattern

Free crochet shamrock pattern from Little Treasures

crochet flower pattern

Free crochet flower pattern from Daisy Cottage Designs

crochet daisy flower patterns

Free crochet flower patterns for both 6-petal and 12-petal daisies from @RepeatCrafterMe

Crochet Mandalas, Doilies, Hearts and Other Motif Patterns

crochet hearts pattern

@sandracherryhrt offers us a free crochet heart pattern

crochet mandala pattern

Picots and Petals Crochet Mandala Pattern for sale from @winkieflash

crochet granny heart triangle

Free crochet pattern for heart granny via @loopsancrafts

crochet mandala

Free crochet mandala pattern from Gramma Rita’s Crochet

free crochet doily pattern

@olgalacycrochet shared a free crochet doily pattern

crochet bunting pattern

Free crochet triangle bunting pattern via @creativejmom

crochet star motif

Updated free star doily crochet pattern from @boocoos


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