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I kicked off my Crochet Book Celebration Month yesterday by announcing the 40% discount off of my book, Crochet Saved My Life. But today’s the real kickoff of lots of book reviews and giveaways and I’ve got a great book to share with you – Simply Sweet Crochet: Boutique Designs for Little Girls by Cony Larsen. First check out my review and then below that you’ll find the info on how to enter to win one of three giveaway copies of this great crochet book.

About Simply Sweet Crochet

simply sweet crochet

As the name suggests, this is a crochet book filled with patterns for little girls. There aer eighteen patterns for a variety of ages from newborns to tweens. The patterns are mostly headbands and hats but there are a few other accessories as well. And they are indeed quite cute. Some of my favorite things about this book are:

  • Clear easy instructions
  • Use of popular new-ish techniques including magic ring and chainless foundations
  • Projects that are designed for beginners but still have unique twists that make them interesting
  • Variety of yarns used; they’re all Cascade brand but many different weights and styles

simply sweet crochet

And of course the cuteness!

A Few Favorite Crochet Patterns

Three of my favorite crochet patterns from this book are:

cony larsen crochet

Big Cozy Cowl Hat, Double Delight Hat and Ponytail Hat

Each of these has something unique about them. The cozy cowl creatively combines a cowl with a hooded hat. The double delight hat uses a cool stitch pattern alternating front and back post single crochet. And the ponytail hat works around a ponytail holder to leave an opening at the top for the ponytail to pull through. But there are also so many other crochet patterns I liked in this book. To name a few there’s a cute Peter Pan collar, a great floral Spring Headband, a beautiful Woven Flowers Hat and of course the vintage hat on the cover of the book.

Playing With This Crochet Book

crochet pattern

I don’t have many little girls in my life but I still had fun playing with this book. I took the idea of the front and back post alternating single crochet to make a variety of crochet fabric that I’ll be using to wrap presents this Christmas. It’s totally different from the hat above but it was a stitch pattern I’d never used before and was inspired as a result of that pattern.

ponytail crochet hat

And I made a version of the poytail hat for myself. It was the first time I ever worked around a ponytail holder and it’s a technique I really love. The body is worked in front loop only and I loved how that contrasted with the top of the hat.

ponytail crochet hat

ponytail crochet hat

ponytail crochet hat

ponytail crochet hat

ponytail crochet hat

I decided to keep my hat a single color (instead of the ribbing colors in the pattern) and then added a burlap craft flower I had in my stash but otherwise the pattern is the same. I like it.

About Cony Larsen

cony larsen

From her own site:

“Cony Larsen is a designer and author of crochet books. She works from her home studio in Highland, UT. She also owns a hemstitching sewing studio. She distributes her crochet books globally. Visit her at or”

Learn more about her here on the blog on June 17th when I’ll have a featured author interview and announce the winner of this giveaway.

Enter The Crochet Book Giveaway

I am lucky enough to have three copies of this great crochet book to giveaway. You can enter via Facebook, Pinterest or your own blog. You write about the book and giveaway on any of these (following the specific instructions below) then promote that around the web. At the end of the giveaway, we’ll total up the number of comments/ likes on each post. The people with the highest number of comments/likes on each of those platforms will win a copy of the book. Make sure that you leave a comment here on this post linking me to your post(s) so I know to count your entries. (If you have any trouble leaving a comment just use the contact tab at the top of the page to email me.)

How to enter on your blog

Write a post on your blog about this book and giveaway. You can do the post in any style that you want but it must include the following:

    • A link back to this post
    • A link to this page
    • A mention that this is a Crochet Concupiscence giveaway

Encourage your readers to comment on the post because the most comments wins the book!

How to enter on Facebook

Your Facebook post must include the following:

    • A link back to this post
    • Must follow @CrochetConcupiscence
    • And also tag @CrochetConcupiscence in your post

Encourage likes and comments because the person with the most total combined number of both is the winner of the book.

How to enter on Pinterest

Your Pinterest post must include the following:

    • A link back to this post; you can pin any of the images in this post
    • Mention that it’s a Crochet Concupiscence book giveaway
    • Must follow me on Pinterest

Encourage likes and comments because the person with the most total combined number of both is the winner of the book.

You can enter through any or all of these channels. The highest number of comments / likes on each one will win a giveaway copy (so you can win 1-3 copies). Open to US entries only. Entries close at midnight PST on Friday, June 13. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, June 17.


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