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The challenge for this week in the 52 Week Crochet Blogging Challenge hosted by Julie of Red Berry Crochet is “find a small crochet pattern that has a stitch chart and work it from the chart only”. However, having tried that several times in the past, I am fully aware of my limitations in this area. I’m a word person. I’m not at all a visual person. Whenever there are instructions to assemble something, I absolutely have to read the word part to make any sense of them. I don’t even look at the pictures. So I’m going to skip this one but I thought I’d share some good resources out there for people who do want to learn how to read a crochet symbol chart / pattern diagram.

Crochet Symbol Chart

First, here’s the crochet symbol chart created by the Craft Yarn Council.

crochet symbol chart

How to Read Crochet Stitch Diagrams

crochet granny square symbol

Craftyminx has a great set of crochet lessons and lesson 21 is a terrific guide to reading crochet symbol charts.

The Crochet Crowd offers a lesson via video for reading crochet stitch diagrams.

crochet motif reading

Crochet Today offers a free downloadable PDF for reading crochet diagrams.

crochet chart

By Number 19 has row-by-row instructions for symbol chart reading.

crochet symbol charts

Slugs on the Refrigerator has a lot of good helpful tips for reading crochet stitch diagrams.


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