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As we move into the second week of June I’ll be doing more of my regular crochet posts but I’ll still be doing a lot of posts for my Crochet Book Celebration Month. Today’s book isn’t technically a crochet book; it’s designed for knitters. But when I sent out requests for review copies of books to celebrate this month, it showed up in my mail, so I figured instead of letting it go to waste I’d tell you about it since I’m sure at least some of my readers are bicraftual and also enjoy knitting.

About The Knitter’s Notebook

The Knitter’s Notebook by D. Grey is a Chronicle Books journal for knitters. I definitely believe in keeping a craft journal (and have lots of creative ideas for crochet ones that I’ll be sharing in my own next book) and this one is a ready-to-go option for knitters. You can easily write down your start and end dates, the project’s name, who it’s for, where the pattern came from, tons of details about the yarn and pattern and needles used and measurements, etc. as well as make various notes and charts. The notebook also has a reference section of helpful on sizing, abbreviations, etc. and a section for your yarn inventory. There’s a part of me that wonders how many people would opt for this pen-and-paper option when the same stuff can be done online, through Ravelry for example, but considering that I’m someone who still uses a pen-and-paper To Do list and a print calendar for everything, I’m sure there are people who would find the notebook helpful!

Crochet Journal Alternatives

It doesn’t look like Chronicle Books currently offers a crochet version of this project journal. But there are some similar ideas out there:

crochet journal

Design Notebook for Crochet Rockstars

crochet journal

Crochet Journal PDF Template by Kathryn Ivy

crochet design notebook

The Crocheter’s Design Companion: A Complete Notebook for Tracking Your Crochet Designs and Projects by Phyllis Serbes

What Crafts Do You Enjoy?

Since I’m posting a knitting book here today, I thought that I’d ask … do you knit? What other crafts do you enjoy? And is there anything that crochet offers you that those crafts don’t? I’d love to hear your responses in the comments!

Crochet Book Month

crochet book review

This post is part of my June Crochet Book Celebration Month. Don’t forget this includes a 40% discount off of my book, Crochet Saved My Life until the end of June.


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  1. You know, I keep journal books for ideas, but I do not do a good job of keeping a record of projects completed. That is one of the reasons I started a blog but I am not recording all of the details. I need to give this some thought, paper or computer? I find it easier to pick up paper, but since I started using drop box for pictures, the computer is better for that. Oh yes, crafts, I do love to bead crochet. I used to quilt but have not quilted in a while, however I am working on a plan for a memory wall hanging in which I plan to incorporate some old quilt squares, crochet items and embroidered stuff.

  2. CrochetBlogger Reply

    pcooper That memory wall hanging sounds amazing. I’d love to see it when you start working on it!

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