Today is my mom’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

I thought I’d collect all of the various Mom-things I’ve shared on this blog in the past to celebrate.

crochet checkers blanket

Crochet checkerboard blanket that my mom made from a friend’s newborn daughter

mom crochet

Mom with one of her first crochet checkerboard blankets that she made when I was a kid.

crochet dog hat

Crochet hat Mom made for Betty

crochet triangles

Mom made tons of these crochet triangles in lots of colors that I think I’ll put together as a blanket now that I have them. Someday …

crochet rug

Crochet rug my mom started that I turned into a placemat

My Story, My Mom

mom yarn

originally published on Crochet Today

My own mom has played a key role in my crafting journey. She always encouraged my siblings and I to explore varied interests, including artistic and creative interests, and she was the first one to take us to a craft store to buy the supplies for any craft that might pique our curiosity. I remember her teaching me to crochet a chain when I was little and I crocheted a yellow chain that must have been miles long.

The craft didn’t stick at the time but two decades later when I was battling severe depression I remembered how much I’d liked crafting and thought that crochet was something that I could do to help heal myself. My mom took me right back to the craft store at this adult age, bought me some yarn and tried to teach me how to crochet from a combination of her memories and her vintage magazines. I ended up having to teach myself using kids’ crochet books that were more my beginner speed but I was right; crochet saved my life. And mom was supportive.

My mom had crocheted when I was very young, even younger than when she had first taught me how to do that chain. She created a big checkerboard blanket that I could sit on when I was just a small baby. In the intervening years she had stopped crocheting but after seeing it do so much for me she started again. She and my sister and I crocheted one of those same checkerboard blankets together. She also crocheted one recently as a gift. However the real gift was the way she brought crochet into my life and I brought it back into hers!


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  1. icrochetinoh Reply

    hope your mom had a great birthday, glad she out the creative bug into you.

  2. SisterDiane Reply

    Aw, Happy Happy Birthday to your Mom! What a beautiful post celebrating her crochet and your relationship with her.

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