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Dora Ohrenstein is a crochet designer and author who excels at helping people learn advanced crochet skills to design garments that flatter their figures. That’s exactly what you’ll be able to do if you take her new Craftsy class, Custom Fit Tunisian Crochet. Dora has already shown us through her books that she knows how to help us customize crochet sweaters to fit us properly and also learn the basics of Tunisian crochet. This Craftsy class combines those skills into one.

custom fit tunisian crochet

I haven’t had a chance to complete the course, yet, but I’ve checked it out thoroughly and like what I see. Dora is a friendly, relatable instructor. She makes it easy to understand all of the different basic features of Tunisian crochet and then to take what you’ve learned and apply it adapting patterns into designs that really work for your style and body. She’s funny, which makes the classes fun, but she’s also very, very knowledgable about what she’s sharing here in this class.

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There are ten different lessons in this craftsy class. Each lessons has between four and ten different components to it. For example, in lessons three, we learn all about how to take our own measures in order to get a perfect fit on our bodies and that’s broken down into the four steps of knowing your measurements, adjusting for ease, measuring a favorite sweater for additional info and then creating your own schematic to use for future projects.

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Want a sneak peek into some of Dora’s great information about Tunisian crochet? She’s already shared some with us on the blog before, in her two guest posts on Tunisian Crochet Basics and Getting the Right Fabric. You can see from those posts that she has terrific insight into this craft and is able to share a lot as an instructor, which you’ll get to experience through the Craftsy course. The class teaches you how to make a vest pattern but the information that you get from Dora will allow you to go on to use these skills to adapt any other Tunisian crochet garment pattern down the line.

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The course is an online go-at-your-own-pace class. It’s a new class and has already received three five-star reviews on the site.


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