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Last month I stopped into a thrift store that had a box filled with fabric pieces for 50 cents each. In that box I found a bunch of crochet. Although I normally just do my own crochet work, I felt inspired to buy these pieces and do something creative with them. But I haven’t actually done anything with them, yet, so I thought I’d get some thoughts from you about what to make with them. I’ll let you know my thoughts and I’d love to know which ones you like best or if there’s another idea you have that’s even better.

Crochet Pineapples

crochet pineapples

The main thing that I purchased was this lovely set of bright yellow pineapple crochet motifs. I have had a bunch of thoughts about what to do with them:

Frame them individually on cool backgrounds and hang them as a set in my yellow-orange schemed kitchen

crochet heart

Frame them together in the shape of a crochet heart

Somehow turn them into an elaborate statement necklace or headpiece

thrifted crochet

Sew them onto an existing fabric skirt as appliques

Combine them with additional crochet to make a new crochet dress for myself (or shrug, but a dress seems better)

Use them as the starting point for a freeform crochet or mixed media art project

Crochet Doily


The doily I’m pretty sure I want to use as a starting point for something, adding crochet around it to make …

A full sized crochet tablecloth

Hanging wall art

A new crochet shrug for myself

thrift store doily

The center of a blanket

A freeform crochet or mixed media art project

Crochet Angel

crochet angel

I have had less ideas about what to do with the crochet angel but I’ve still had a few:

crochet angel detail

Add some rows to it in color to make it more personal and display it

Donate it somewhere (but where?) Or give it as a gift (but to whom?)

Again, use it as the starting point for a freeform crochet or mixed media art project

crochet angel

What would you really like to see me do with these crochet items? Share your thoughts in the comments below. All the best ideas will be shared across my social media channels along with your name/handle/site if you include it.


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  1. Here are my suggestions: Angel: starch it up, add some tinsel or something shiny, and use as Christmas tree topper or Christmas decoration on dining or side table. Other pieces: after blocking, frame them under a glass-top serving tray. I, too, love old crochet pieces and pick them up at thrift shops. Good luck and have fun!

  2. CrochetBlogger Reply

    Rosiekay I love, love, love the idea of the Christmas tree topper. I have a lot of ornaments that I use every year but no special topper that I like. Genius!

  3. I have been making amulet bags – so when I saw that beautiful oval I immediately thought of a tiny bag – fold the bottom up and a small flap down and you have a tiny purse that could be lined, or use it as applique for a phone bag. If you already have a tree topper the angle could also be displayed atop one of those Styrofoam cones (the ones you use for trees) with either a colored crocheted or fabric cover. I am sure a few straight pins would be enough to fasten it in place. pcooper

  4. janicedavey Reply

    I have piles of my grandmothers. I am learning what dyes work and have started a interest board called DIY Grandmas doilies. Tons of ideas collected so far if you are the Boho type.

  5. carolrmckay Reply

    Hi Kathryn, I don’t know how big that doily is, but I think it would be nice appliqued on the center front of a T-shirt up and down ways

  6. carolrmckay Reply

    framing the pineapples for your kitchen sounds very appealing, nice idea me thinks.

  7. Ok, I’ve been working on a cafe curtain with valance in the same yellow as the pineapples. I’ve combined some lacy foo foo motifs and trims along with several skulls. There’s this whole sub-culture of folks with great crochet skulls. I love the contrast of lacy pretties with skulls so maybe peice these together with added motifs of your own for a similar affect, even include the angle!

  8. CrochetBlogger Reply

    lklann1 Ooh, that’s an interesting idea. So many great suggestions shared here!

  9. CrochetBlogger Reply

    pcooper A bag from the doily is a great idea! I think I might try that one!

  10. You don’t have the dimensions listed so I’m assuming sizes based on the picture of the pineapples on the apron.

    Okay, I was going to suggest the tree topper for the angel. Add a halo and stiffen her for stability. Add a bit of glitter around the wings and edges of her dress. If you don’t want to keep her, auction her off for a charity.

    As for the pineapples, you could add a border panel to three of them and make a set of valances for your window. Or add a smaller strip to make a border to fasten along the edge of cabinets, your table or buffet, or someplace that could use a little trim. Or crochet a center, attach the pineapples around the outer edge to form a centerpiece for your table. You could also use each one as a center for table mats. You could also sew two together into small purses.

    The doily, since there’s only the one, has pretty much been covered for ideas. The only one I can add is making it into a bracelet or choker by adding strips to the ends as required. Aside from that, the only other idea that comes to mind is using it as a focal piece on a garment or bag.

  11. CrochetBlogger Reply

    Ilnara Oh, I didn’t think about the dimensions. I’ll have to check on those. Cool ideas for sure.

  12. If I had those little pineapples they would immediately become a lacy bunting! I love rescuing vintage crochet and giving it new life!

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