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I recently joined the 52 Week Crochet Blogging Challenge hosted by Julie of Red Berry Crochet. This week’s question is “what kind of crocheter are you?” Mine’s a multi-faceted answer. I am a patternless, repetitive, healthy crochet artist.

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Patternless Crocheter

chunky crochet cowl

I rarely work from crochet patterns. When I make items for myself (which are usually crochet shrugs or crochet dresses) I just work it to my shape as I go. That said, I do sometimes use crochet patterns, especially if I’m reviewing a crochet book and occasionally I’ll get in moods where I use crochet patterns to learn new techniques.

Repetitive Crocheter

crochet circle shrug

I tend to be a repetitive crocheter. By this I mean that I get in phases where I make the same thing over and over again for awhile. Like for awhile I was making a bunch of crochet dresses for myself. Then I got in a mood of mostly making crochet shrugs. For awhile now I’ve been in a phase of making variations on large crochet granny square blankets.

Healthy Crocheter

Image of Cover for Crochet Saved My Life

Most importantly, I am someone who believes that crochet saves lives. I crochet almost daily. I crochet to calm down, to reduce anxiety, to stay happy.

Crochet Artist

instagram crochet

I also sometimes crochet as a form of self-expression and am more and more interested in exploring the crochet art aspect of myself.


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