My New Crochet Convertible Scarf/ Shrug

I really love this new convertible crochet scarf/ shrug that I made.

My New Crochet Convertible Scarf/ Shrug

Basically I took a chunky yarn and a big hook (K) and did a tall stitch (treble treble if I recall correctly) to quickly work up a large rectangle.

crochet scarf

Then I folded the rectangle in half to make a long skinnier rectangle.

crochet shrug.jpg

I seamed together each end of the fold to effectively create arm holes.

shrug crochet.jpg

This has two effects. First, it creates the arm holes so that I can just slip the rectangle on over my arms and wear it like a shrug.

crochet scarf.jpg

Second, it creates a sort of keyhole to pull the scarf through to make it possible to wear the scarf long even though it’s not a very long piece.


(If I tried wrapping it around the normal way it would be very short on my neck.)

scarf crochet.jpg

Plus it makes a cool sculptural effect where it pulls through the armhole. I like it.


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  1. carolrmckay Reply

    Nice work! I also like how that stitch gives it a nice fringe look without the annoying tangles one gets with a fringe.

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