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Link love is my way of giving back to the crochet community by highlighting the great work out there each week from crochet bloggers, designers, artists and more. Here are this week’s links …

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Something Special

knitting and crochet blog week

We’re coming up on the end of the 5th Annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week hosted by Eskimimi Makes. I’ve been participating with posts each day. I’ve also been sharing links to lots of other people’s post on my Pinterest board for The Best Photos from KCBW.

Call for Crochet

crochet art call

@moleymakes shared: “Little Havens is a local children’s hospice providing respite breaks, symptom control and end-of-life care to youngsters not expected to reach adulthood because of a life-limiting or life-threatening condition. A group of local woman known as The Craft Club are attempting to create a magical garden, made entirely of crochet items. They are going for a World Record attempt of over 4000 items!” They’re seeking donations of a variety of crochet items over the next month or two. Email [email protected] for more info.

Crochet Quote

Have you been catching up on life this spring? Have you had to set aside your creativity to tackle some not so creative issues or projects? Try to steal a few moments of time to indulge in your passion. It doesn’t matter if its crochet, knitting, reading, painting, whatever gets your mind off of life’s little bumps in the road. A little me time can go a long way for your sanity.” – The Crochet Caretaker

Crochet Art

crochet art

Joana Vasconcelos is represented by Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris/Brussels and Casa Triângulo, São Paulo at Art Basel Hong Kong, from 15 to 18 May


@make highlighted the @yarnbomber project that gets installed next week

crochet mandala art

Makers are already sending beautiful crochet mandalas to Attic 24 for the Yarndale art installation

Crochet Books

reversible crochet

@ReCrochetions shared info with @crochetme about her new Reversible Crochet Book

crochet motifs book

@gocrochet shared the cover of her upcoming crochet motifs book

Crochet Designers

crochet designer

@Ucrafter interviewed crochet designer Julie Yeager

Processed with Moldiv

Pigtails shares her newest project inspiration

Crochet Fashion

crochet shoes

Crochet-inspired shoes by Blowfish

Crochet Patterns

crochet tote bag pattern

Crochet tote bag free pattern from Daisy Cottage Designs

crochet sun pattern

Free crochet sun wreath pattern from @repeatcrafterme

crochet bunting

Love this crochet bunting pattern from [email protected] spotted via @creativejmom

crochet meerkat

Crochet meerkat pattern for sale from @planetjune

crochet lobster pattern

Crochet lobster pattern for sale from @freshstitches

crochet blanket pattern

@alynnc17 has a new polka dot crochet blanket pattern for sale

crochet face cloth pattern

Crochet face cloth pattern free from Made with Loops

crochet scarf pattern

Free crochet scarf pattern from By Hook

crochet trivet pattern

Crochet trivet free pattern from Sarah Sweethearts

crochet socks pattern

Free crochet socks pattern from @gingerbreadbun

crochet blanket pattern

@feltedbutton has a new crochet pattern for sale – The Irish Sea Crochet Blanket

Crochet Tutorials

granny square corners

Suz Place shares this wonderful tutorial for how to add granny square corners to a crochet mandala motif.

Crochet Tips

Sorting yarn by color

@crochetspot offers a three step plan for organizing all of the crochet projects you’d like to make


@ElkStudio_ recommends PicMonkey for crochet images

crochet hook yarn

@freshstitches has a great article on not letting crochet “shoulds” get in the way of your crafting

Crochet and Fiber News

tnna logo

@allfreeknitting shares some of the top trends from TNNA


Woolfest happens in late June in the UK (via @SimplyCrochet_)

Other Crafty Things

Macrame woven chair DIY via @molliemakes

paper art

Papery Dr.Suess-esque leaves and pokey cacti art by @AdamFrezza and Terri Chiao via @jealouscurator

paper roses diy

Simple paper rosebud tutorial via @creativejmom

bowtie diy

Sewn color block bowtie tutorial in first issue of Stylo magazine

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