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I recently joined the 52 Week Crochet Blogging Challenge hosted by Julie of Red Berry Crochet. This week’s challenge was to try a new crochet tip. I decided to try the Magic Circle. I’d done it once before and didn’t really like it but so many people think it’s genius that I wanted to give it another chance.

magic circle 5

How to Magic Ring Crochet

Step One:

magic circle 1

Make a loop around your fingers with the working yarn on the right and the tail on the left. Ambassador Crochet does a great job of breaking down the instructions for how to make the correct loop by beginning with a backwards J and crossing the tail end behind the working end of the yarn.

Step Two:

magic circle 2

Insert the crochet hook through the ring from front to back. Pull the working yarn from the skein through the loop.

Step Three:

magic circle 3

Chain one.

Step Four:

magic ring 4

Sc as many times as the pattern calls for working around the loop

Step Five:

magic circle 6

Pull the tail end of the yarn. This is what closes the circle, making the the “magic” or adjustable ring. Slip stitch to close the ring.

magic circle


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  1. thanks for the step-by-step instructions! will definately give it another go… =)

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