large granny blanket

I started and shared this large granny square crochet blanket awhile back but I recently enlarged it and added the edging to complete it.

granny blanket

Basically I crocheted a large granny square, close to the width I wanted for the blanket.

large granny square

Then I added some rows of double crochet on opposite ends to turn the square into a rectangle.

large granny square

crochet blanket

From there I did more granny stitching around the entire piece to make the blanket a little bigger and give it a more cohesive look.

large granny square crochet

Then I added a thicker yarn (Lion Brand Homespun) to make the edging.

crochet edging

For that edging I did one row of double crochet and then one row of HDC in BLO.

crochet blanket edge

I’m happy with the final results.

crochet granny blanket

crochet blanket

A lot of this was scrap yarn so it was a good stash buster project for my closet!


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  1. Jodiebodie Reply

    YAY! All done! Gee, I would never have guessed it was a stashbuster. I like the thicker border. Looking good. :-)

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