It’s almost time to start thinking about summer crochet again – and that means swimsuits. I’ve done lots of crochet swimsuit roundups on the blog before including the best crochet swimsuit patterns. For today I thought I’d just roundup the hot new 2014 crochet swimsuit designs from some of the top crochet designers.

Anna Kosturova Crochet Swimwear

Anna Kosturova always has great crochet collections and this summer’s swimsuits are no exception.

kosturova crochet

Anna Kosturova Crochet Swimwear

Anna Kosturova Crochet Swimwear

Anna Kosturova Crochet Swimwear

anna kosturova crochet swimsuit

anna kosturova crochet swimsuit

Lisa Maree Crochet Swimsuits

Lisa Maree is one of the biggest names in crochet swimwear on the runway each year. She doesn’t disappoint with her Modern Antiquity themed 2014 collection:

lisa maree crochet swimwear

Lisa Maree Crochet Swimsuits

Lisa Maree Crochet Swimsuits

lisa maree crochet

Manie One Crochet Swimwear

Manie One is a crochet designer with a great selection of different items including beautiful swimsuits. I don’t know that these are 2014 designs per se but they’re some of my favorite Manie One crochet swimsuits:

Manie One Crochet Swimwear

manie one crochet bikini

manie one asymmetrical crochet swimsuit

Manie One Crochet Swimwear

Ambika Crochet Swimwear

I hadn’t remembered to check out Ambika Boutique for awhile but I love what they do and was happy to check out some new crochet swimwear there:

ambika highwaisted crochet swimsuit

ambika crochet swimwear

ambika crochet swimsuit

ambika crochet one piece

ambika boutique boy shorts swimsuit

Beauty and The Beach Crochet Swimwear

2014 is the 6th year in a row that Beauty and the Beach’s crochet swimsuits were featured on models in the Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated.

crochet beauty swimsuit

beauty crochet bikini

girly crochet beauty

Genevieve Morton

Sister by Sibling Crochet Swimwear

This brand puts out great crochet for runway shows and I loved what they featured recently, which included some swimwear:

sister by sibling crochet swimwear

Acacia Crochet Swimwear

Acacia is new to me but I saw a mention in a post about Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week swimwear and am loving the crochet details in the line.

acacia crochet bikini

acacia crochet swimsuit

What will you be wearing this summer in crochet?


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  1. EllieRyder I don’t think swimming would be appropriate in many of those designs.

  2. CrochetBlogger Reply

    @hesterkw EllieRyder That’s a good point. But I do think that they’d work for suntanning. And the ones that are well-constructed do work in the water.

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  5. wherethepixiesroam Reply

    I like the Anna Kosturova design and the Ambika design.appeals to my body shape. I also stumbled upon this one
    Miranda Kerr in a bikini that looks like crochet?? I’m Australian so Miranda Kerr is pretty big news here. Though the bikini is tiny and looks amazing on her and not sure many other could wear it that well.

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