Every year for Easter my dad sends me a package with Peeps in it. It’s been a long time since I liked Peeps (although I confess to a Cadbury Creme Egg addiction) and my dad knows that but the tradition continues and I’m always happy to get those Peeps.

This week I saw a post about peeps with knit sweaters:

knit peeps

And it made me start wondering about what kind of Peeps-related crochet might be out there. So I did a search online and here’s what I found.

Peep Crochet Pillows

peep crochet pillows

Peeps-inspired crochet pillow pattern by Ana Paula Rimoli in Crochet Today April/May ’14 Issue

Stuffed Crochet Peeps

amigurumi peeps

Gladys and the Peeps crochet pattern for sale on Ravelry from Heidi Yates

classic marshmallow crochet peep

Classic Peeps free crochet pattern from Schmutzerella

peeps free crochet pattern

And another classic Peeps crochet pattern free over on Craftster

crochet peeps bunnies

Peeps Bunnies, crochet pattern free on Ravelry, from Angie Cruise


Doni Speigle also offers a free Ravelry crochet pattern for Peeps Bunnies

crochet bunny peeps

And these completed crochet bunny Peeps are sold on Etsy

Crochet Peeps Wearables

peeps crochet mittens

Peeps-inspired crochet mittens pattern by Monica Rodriguez Fuertes in Crochet Today March/April ’13 Issue

crochet peeps scarf

Peeps bunnies crochet scarf pattern, free Ravelry download from CopperScaleDragon

crochet peeps

These crochet peeps could be used as appliques on almost anything, pattern for sale from Alicia Kachmar. They could also be pins or magnets and she gives instructions for a stuffed version as well.

And More

crochet peeps garland

Crochet bunny Peeps garland free pattern


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