I was just flipping through my copy of the April/May issue of Crochet Today and came to page 13 where they’ve done a roundup of their favorite crochet umbrellas. I recognized several of them from my own 2012 roundup of 15 crochet umbrellas (some pictured above), but a couple of them were new to me so I thought it was about time to check out the internet and see what I could find in this niche.

Daffodil Crochet Umbrella Pattern

crochet yellow umbrella

This crochet umbrella pattern by Kristin Omdahl is in the aforementioned Crochet Today issue and served as the inspiration for the roundup.

Peach Wedding Crochet Umbrella

peach wedding crochet umbrella

The Crochet Today roundup highlighed a lacy crochet umbrella from Crochet Knit Unlimited, so I checked that out and found also this peaceh version that I quite like.

Rainbow Crochet Umbrella

rainbow crochet umbrella

Crochetoville sells dozens of crochet umbrellas in various sizes on Etsy. I like this diamond rainbow kids’ crochet umbrella.

Fiigree Sunshield Crochet Umbrella Pattern

crochet umbrella interweave

This crochet umbrella pattern by Kathryn White is in the Interweave Crochet Accessories 2013 Special Issue.

Summer Wedding Crochet Umbrella

crochet umbrella

Mikelina Art sells several crochet umbrellas on Etsy.

Pineapple Crochet Umbrella

classic pineapple crochet umbrella

Etsy’s EmbroidMyBeads is selling this classic crochet pineapple umbrella.

Autumn Crochet Umbrella

autumn crochet umbrella

Flickr’s mjanski shares this autumn-themed crochet umbrella.

Butterfly Crochet Umbrella

butterfly crochet umbrella

Etsy’s Olexis has several crochet umbrellas for sale including this one with a butterfly filet design.

Steampunk Crochet Parasol Pattern

crochet umbrella pattern

I love this steampunk crochet umbrella pattern sold on Etsy by IRAROTTpatterns.

Ruffled Crochet Fabric Parasol

crochet rag rug umbrella

This beautiful umbrella from Ety’s idilkin doesn’t even look crocheted but it’s a rag rug crochet umbrella after all!

Blue Crochet Umbrella

blue crochet umbrella

This blue crochet umbrella is one of several sold on Etsy by ModernCrochetClub.

Red Crochet Umbrella Pattern

red crochet umbrella

Red crochet umbrella pattern by Lermolaeva on Flickr

Dora With Umbrella

crochet umbrella

The lovely Dora Ohrenstein under crochet umbrella (photo via Ravelry).

Babukatorium’s Crochet Umbrellas

babukatorium crochet

Nobody does crochet umbrellas better than rainbow crochet artist Babukatorium! Visit her on Facebook and Pinterest.

Bonus: Crochet Umbrella Totes

vintage crochet umbrella pattern

If you prefer to keep your regular umbrella, add some crochet with this vintage 1960s crochet umbrella tote pattern sold by BlingBrilla on Etsy.

vintage crochet umbrella

Or this one from the 1940s sold by FayWestRomance.


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