I’m in love with the fashion brand Sister by Sibling. Not only do they make really beautiful, interesting, innovative crochet clothing but they consistently showcase it in amazing ways on the runways. They’re one of the only big brands that are regularly putting crochet out on Fashion Week catwalks and I love it!

sister by sibling crochet collar and skirt

My Daily says: “The label’s Autumn/Winter 2014 line up during London Fashion Week was pure crochet 1970s glam meets chintz.” They offer a full slideshow over there and some info on “key points”. There’s a lot that I love here, including how crochet is mixed with knitting in some pieces as well as how crochet is used on collars and sleeves in what feels like an exclamation point on the outfit. And I thought it was cool that they put crochet swimwear on a Fall/Winter runway.

Sister by Sibling Catwalk - London Fashion Week 2014

This dress got a lot of headlines, partly because it’s gorgeous, partly because the model unfortunately tripped on that long crochet train on the runway! That’s why she’s walking without shoes here. The mixed styles in this dress remind me of the crochet dress I saw at the Gaultier fashion exhibit when it was here.

sister by sibling black crochet dress

I love this kind of shabby chic look. I’d like to see it close up because I think that there are multiple crochet and knitting techniques worked into it.

sister by sibling crochet skirts

sister by sibling crochet sleeves

sister by sibling crochet swimwear

sister by sibling green crochet dress

sister by sibling crochet skirt

sister by sibling crochet fringe suit

sister by sibling knitwear

I can’t tell for sure if these last two are crochet or knit or a combo of both but I wanted to include them because I think the orange one is amazingly bold and I really like the blue one as something I might even wear myself.

Source: Photos via WWD


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  6. I know this is an old post, but I just today ran across it & want to thank you for curating & posting these crochet fashions and all the ones on crochet swimwear!

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