Crochet Saved My Life was reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers’ Favorite. It was given a 5 Star review.

Crochet Filled My Head

My favorite part of this review was that Anne said: “Crochet filled her mind, not allowing her to ruminate on negative thoughts.” This is so true. And it’s definitely what I say in Crochet Saved My Life but I take pages and pages to make this point and she says it so wonderfully succinctly. It’s true. Crochet filled my head and it crowded out some of the negativity that was swirling there because of depression. I almost picture it now as a head filled with jumbled yarn, the kind you get if you don’t unwind a hank properly, and crochet worked it into something beautiful – or at least usable!

Review Excerpt

Image of Cover for Crochet Saved My Life

A little more from the review:

“Crochet Saved my Life will benefit many people. Kathryn Vercillo has included a wide range of disorders that can be helped with a skein of yarn and a crochet hook. I wasn’t surprised by the mental health and hand problems that were mentioned, but when I read about Restless Leg Syndrome I was not only surprised but very interested. Crochet Saved My Life is a fascinating look at an unusual form of therapy.”

Very touched …



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