Last year I shared the call for submissions for a project to bring handcrafted knit and crochet basketball nets to neglected hoops around the nation. Now the designs are ready and it’s time to publish the project and they need your help through Kickstarter.

New Craft Artists in Action

From the Kickstarter:

“Brought to participants via traveling workshops, pick up games and internet cataloguing, the NCAA is a craftivist collective that addresses public space, diversity, collaboration, feminism, and interdisciplinary learning through the “Net Works” project. The collective assembles hand­made basketball nets for abandoned hoops, usually via knit and crochet, to build proactive inclusive relationships between artists, athletes, and neighbors. Here the form and function of the “street” and the “domestic” collide in hand­-made tactical aesthetics that express dissidence and generate new approaches to public space.”

urban crochet basketball


They’re trying to raise $10,000 to complete the project. “In an effort to encourage communities to produce their own nets the NCAA is currently producing a printed workbook and manual for broad distribution.”

The nets were designed by a variety of crafters who tracked their process and created patterns others could follow. I actually was an early part of the project myself but then some other things came up and I was, sadly, unable to complete a design for the project. Nevertheless, I think it’s a cool project and want to support it! Funding deadline is December 9th and so far they’ve reached almost half of their target goal.

crochet basketball


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