Did you know that I have a Pinterest board devoted to “must-read crochet articles“? When I find an article that has some great information that’s not just a pattern or share but really a meaty interesting article with thoughts about our craft, this is where I pin it. Here are ten examples of what I’ve pinned to the board:

  1. Prayer Shawls: How they Help You While Helping Others
  2. Doris Chan shares some insight into the crochet design process for Convertible Crochet Link Love: This Week in Crochet Blogging using her zodiac tunic as an example
  3. 5 Top Travel Destinations for Crochet Lovers
  4. My own article here on Loose Ends (Crochet as Metaphor)
  5. How to Release Stress with Crochet
  6. Professional skier Larisa Yurkiw sells crochet to pay national team fees
  7. Museum devoted to knitting and crochet history
  8. Bonnie Meltzer’s Thoughts on Large Scale Crochet Art
  9. Crochet and postpartum depression
  10. Crochet as a tool to combat the perils of modern life

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    thanks for those great links, you surely do have a great thing going here.

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