There are so many beautiful photos out there of knitters and crocheters actively practicing their crafts. I love collecting these on my Needleworkers in Action Pinterest Board. It just inspires me and makes me smile! Here are some examples:

crocheting womanCape Malay woman crocheting

vintage crafting

valentino men knitting

Valentino’s Men’s Collection

vintage stylish crafting

Vintage stylish crafters

1971 crochet woman

vintage knitting

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Guadalupe Acevedo creates a handbag from aluminum pop tops and thread at La Maestra Clinic in Vista.

Guadalupe Acevedo crocheting pop tab accessories

historic knitting

Her Imperial Highness Duchess Alexandra of Oldenburg crocheting


Crocheting on a photo shoot, source

crochet hat kings

Colorful crocheters in Germany


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  1. lyndamotvos Reply

    Thank you for these photos. I most enjoyed picking out who were the Real crafters from the ones holding the needles. I love pictorials like this one, here’s to a few more… perhaps.

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