I was just taking a look at my Pinterest board for alternative material crochet – things that have been crocheted with plarn, t-shirt yarn, VHS and other items. I thought I’d share ten examples from that board with you today. Tell me, what’s the most unique item that you’ve crocheted with that was not yarn?

hemp crochet shoes

I love these hemp crochet shoes. They were part of my roundup of 20 Delightful Hemp Crochet Designs.

plarn art

Plastic Bag Globe by crochet artist Julie Kornblum

crochet trophy heads

Plarn crochet taxidermy art by Magda Van Der Vloed

crochet tarn rug

T-shirt Yarn Rug by Etsy seller MetamorphosisSuite

plarn owl purse

Plarn Owl Purse via Zween

crochet wire lampshade

Wire crochet lampshade by Artist Yoola

alessandra stabili crochet jewelry

Wire crochet jewelry by Alessandra Stabili

crochet newspaper poncho

This poncho was crocheted out of newspaper by fashion artist Ivano Vitali. This is from my post of 20 creative things a crocheter can do with paper.

crochet plarn jewelry

Recycled VHS tape crochet by artist Adrian Kershaw

cellophane crochet

This vintage 1935 crochet book is about crocheting with cellophane.


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