Last month we learned the story of Linda Davies who had used crochet to help her get through cancer treatment. I have an update from Linda today that I wanted to share with you. I’m also happy to share some photos of the little alien she made that was mentioned in her original post, an inspiring gift for a little boy at the hospital.

crochet alien spaceship

Linda shared:

Thank you so much for sharing my story (via Deb) – crochet really has saved my life this year and I do believe that without it, I would have sunk in to great depths of despair and depression. The power of having something to focus and calm your mind can not be understated.

I was actually working on a crochet blanket (which I am yet to finish…) for a Breast Cancer fundraiser when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer myself. Crochet turned the resultant long hours spent in hospital waiting rooms and treatment clinics into sessions of productive activity and a topic to spark conversation and distraction not just for me but for others also sitting for hours.

At times when I found myself unable to sleep or getting bogged down with too much thought on the ‘why’s’, ‘what if’s’ and ‘why me’s’ – crochet gave me the opportunity to sit peacefully, thinking of nothing more than ‘1sc, 2 in the next st’ or what colour would go with this … it helped to take my brain to a place of quiet order amidst my new chaos.

crochet alien

I am happy to report that I have finished all of my treatments and am trying to find where my life lies now. I have a beautiful family who keep me busy and we’re now looking forward to settling back into whatever ‘normal’ family life is/was!

I highly recommend crochet or ANY form of similar positive mind-occupying craft to everyone – ‘healthy’ or not! Not only does it help your own mental health, but can open lines of communication that otherwise wouldn’t have been opened which doesn’t only benefit you, but can potentially benefit the people that you meet – the most popular conversation starter being “Oh….I thought only old grandmas did that”!

I am so happy to hear that Linda has gotten through her treatments. I so agree that crochet can be a powerful tool for dealing with the long hours of anxiety that accompany a difficult illness. I also agree that crochet is a terrific conversation-starter. In that way it can help with another form of anxiety – social anxiety. Those hooks are powerful things!

crochet breast

The photo above is also from Linda. She shares: “I even crocheted my own prosthetic breast! My daughter had commented how it felt different (wrong) hugging me and I hadn’t been feeling well enough to go into the city to sort out that particular issue, so I came home and searched Google and found a pattern! It’s fully machine washable! I added some plastic pellets in the center for some weight and it functions just fine!”


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  1. jodiebodiecrochets Reply

    Dear Linda,
    Congratulations on getting through all of your treatments and I wish you well for the future. I LOVE the prosthetic breast that you made and I love the way crochet can go in any direction and make ANYTHING! I also agree with you that crochet is a great conversation starter and distraction. I think nurses etc. treat you that little bit better too because it gets them talking and they get to know you better so you become a whole person and not just a patient number. A lot of my projects get finished in hospital because there is nothing else to do. I am so glad you wrote your post explaining these things because it is so helpful.
    Have fun and take care,

  2. lyndamotvos Reply

    Love love love the prosthetic breast-women are so dang resourceful; I love what you have displayed by creating that breast: imagination, resourcefulness, empathy, courage, inventiveness, avant garde design, a sense of rightness for your beloved daughter. I am your biggest (online) fan, I admire you so much.

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