These items weren’t necessarily created for Halloween but a roundup of them seems like the perfect celebration for the holiday. Enjoy!

westwood costumeVivienne Westwood Fashion Costumes

aldo lanzini crochet artCrochet costume mask by Aldo Lanzini

crochet fox costume

crochet mask costume

Above two are from Huckleberry Designs, linked below. pat ahern crochet halloween

Pat Ahern Halloween Costume1970s crochet costume

“I Always Wanted to be a Blonde Rather than a Raven-Haired Beauty”. It is real people inside of crochet costumes. By Dona Z. Meilach.

crochet costume

This is a Ravelry pattern by Deja Jetmir.

crochet mask

Helen Rodel runway maskslannie martowe crochet mask

Lannie Hartcrochet wolf mask

Wolf Mask by Nikki Hitz Edsonartist crocheting mask

detailed crochet mask art

Huckleberry Delsignore Mask Art (2 above and 1 below)huckleberry crochet masks

crochet mask

Bill Davenport is a fascinating artist who works on one style of project for a period of time and then seems to switch gears to something else. Back in the 1990s he was making crochet art.

batman crochet

“A Batman fan has become an overnight sensation after crocheting the mask made infamous by the villain Bane in the Dark Knight Rises.”

nathan vincent crochet gas mask

Nathan Vincent Crochet gas mask

Note: the featured image at the top of the page is a mask by Knot by Gran’ma.


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