I’m a fan of fair trade crochet, meaning crochet that is done in other countries at fair wages to provide people (usually women) with a means of making a living in a place where it can be hard for them to get a good income. There’s currently a Kickstarter Project for a fair trade crochet company helping crafters in Cambodia. They’ve been doing fair trade knitting until now and recently decided to also launch a crochet section of their business.

crochet fair trade

They say: “Cambodia Knits (CK) is a social enterprise working with marginalized communities in and near Phnom Penh. Our goal is to produce beautiful, high quality and unique hand-made products while providing fair and flexible employment opportunities.”

And they explain why they’ve added crochet:

“We concentrate first and foremost on using the best materials and the best people to create the best products possible. We have recently sourced some beautiful 100% cotton yarn in a stunning array of colours. While this is too thin to use for knitting, branching out into crochet means we can take advantage of these awesome supplies.

This opportunity has also motivated us to develop a whole new line of products. Expanding our production allows us to create a more diverse offering for our customers, employ more community members and ultimately make our business stronger.

Launching our new line of crochet toys has also allowed us to work with a whole new community of producers, providing sustainable employment to the families living at Trapeang Anh Chan (TAC) who were relocated from central Phnom Penh in 2012 to make way for a railway project. While they have received some support in their new location, one key missing element is access to employment. CK is currently providing training which will enable up to 25 more producers to join our team. We believe people prefer earning their own way rather than depending on charity and this new product line gives them the opportunity to earn a fair income close to home.”

The funding period for this fair trade crochet project ends soon so check it out now.


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