Last year we heard from Debbie who shared her inspiring story of how crochet helped her in coping with chronic fatigue. I’m happy to say that I recently got an update from Debbie and her health is well. For now, at least, the fatigue is gone although doctors aren’t quite sure what changed. In her email Debbie also shared the crochet that her sister Linda is doing as she crochets her way through cancer treatment. I wanted to share more about that with you today.

Linda’s Story

I haven’t contacted Linda directly but Debbie shared the following about her sister:

Linda is going through cancer treatment. Debbie says that Linda shows great “tenacity and courage under the fire of cancer” and that she is “a lady of grace and dignity under awful circumstances”. She crochets to keep her mind on something positive. She crochets for others, making gifts for the nurses at the hospital and also crocheting “an alien and his spaceship for a small boy who was having radiation” and really having a tough time. I bet that brought a smile to his face.

Linda’s Crochet Tortoise

crochet tortoise

Debbie shared that this is Linda’s latest project. “She found a pattern in Russian for crochet tortoises, so spent a very long evening translating the pattern into English and made this fantastic tortoise and is planning at least a couple more.” One of the tortoises that she’s working on now is a rainbow tortoise that she’s making to help fundraise for a gay teen suicide prevention function that Debbie is holding next month.

top of crochet turtle

crochet turtle detail

crochet tortoise detail

I love the detail on her crochet turtle, don’t you?!

And an Update on Debbie’s Crochet

crochet pansies

Debbie had surgery earlier this year for carpal tunnel and reports: “Crocheting is again my friend – still loving it and sharing it with others! I’m making crocheted pansies at the moment to give out to strangers and place randomly wherever I go, (read The Pansy Project website and you will see where the inspiration comes from), in the hopes that people will ask me what the pansy is for. Even if that pansy puts a smile on someone’s face, then something good has come of it.”

Share Your Story

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  1. What an inspiring story! Thank you so much for sharing it. I am a knitter and crocheter who understands the therapeutic benefits of crafting. Linda’s tortoise is absolutely amazing and so beautiful. Is there any chance that she would share the pattern?

  2. What a powerful story! Thank you for sharing. I am a knitter and crocheter and know the therapeutic value in creating. Linda’s Crochet Tortoise is absolutely beautiful. Any chance she would be open to sharing/selling the pattern?

  3. What an inspiring story! I absolutely love Linda’s crochet tortoise. I am wondering…would she be open to sharing or selling the pattern?

  4. i would love to make this. Where can I purchase the pattern please

  5. What a story.. Can I buy the pattern somewhere?
    I’d like te make this for my little daughter, she is born with just one ear :-(

  6. I have been looking for a turtle pattern for a friend of mine that loves them. I’m wondering if you could share the pattern or tell me where you purchased it please? It is absolutely adorable!

  7. CrochetBlogger Reply

    winkey84 Yes, people are definitely asking for this. I’m going to be publishing the translated pattern on this blog later this month (Feb 14). Hope that helps!

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