You and I use our crochet hooks to … well, to crochet, of course. But these hooks can be used for many different things. Here are some weird alternative uses for crochet hooks.

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Make the Best Turkey In Town

Dear Abby said in a 1964 article:

weird uses crochet hook

Unclog The Drain

Use your crochet hook to pull the hair out of your shower drain. Tip via A Real Housewife.

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Close the Buttons on Your Wedding Dress

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The Uncommon Event says: “A crochet hook is a must have for wedding gowns that feature a series of buttons lined down the back. Hooking each and every button by hand can be time-consuming while also causing sore fingers and buttons to loosen if one encounters continual failed attempts. Make the process much easier by using a crochet hook to simply grab the elastic hole and pull it over the button.”

Make Self-Gripping Tape Sticky Again

A reader asked Heloise: “What can you do to get self-gripping fabric tape to stick again on shoes?” Heloise said: “Easy answer! Clean the lint out of the fabric tape. Use a small crochet hook or an old, stiff toothbrush to gently clean out the debris.”

Clean Your Toenails

Gross. But someone’s apparently done it. In the same thread someone mentioned using a crochet hook as a back scratcher.

Remove Toys from Strange Places

upsidedown crochet hook

Knitterpated says she used a crochet hook for: “Scooping out the small toy that my (supposedly bright) six year old stuck under her armcast for “safekeeping.”

Keep Your Furniture Looking Fancy

Martha Stewart says to keep a fine crochet hook in your furniture first aid kit and use it to “tuck the straggler securely underneath other threads” when fabric starts to pull on your furniture.

Pull String/ Wire Through Holes

For example, I’ve heard of a lot of people who will use it to pull a drawstring through pants when one side has fallen out of place. Similarly, as pointed out on Yahoo!, “Crochet hooks can also be used to fish wire out of holes in walls when you are trying to install a new light switch or outlet.”


Highlighting Hair at Home

I usually dye my own hair. I don’t typically do highlights but I thought I’d try something different and ended up with a kit that included a crochet hook that helps pull the hair through the cap’s holes for highlighting. They’re also used for other hair things, like working on dreadlocks.

Untangle Your Jewelry

“Tiny, fine chains have a bad habit of getting tangled no matter how carefully you hang or store them in your jewelry box. You can use a crochet hook, gently inserted in the snarl using the hook end of a small crochet hook to help untangle the links and usually the crochet hook won’t bend a single link.” An idea from an online article about uncommon uses for crochet hooks.

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Work a 1920s Circular Sock Machine

“VanSwol used a crochet hook to loop yarn around small needles that line the upper edge of the cylinder. Then she turned the crank and a tube of yarn – the beginnings of a sock – started appearing in the center of the cylinder.” More info

Fix Your Knitting

Crochet hooks can apparently be used to pick up dropped stitches in knitting according to various posts around the web. They can also be used to repair snags in knit sweaters by pulling the snagged pieces back through to the wrong side of the sweater.

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Remove A Victim’s Small Intestine

In Chelsea Cain’s thriller novel The Night Season: “Gretchen, a sadist with perfect skin, extracted one victim’s small intestine with a crochet hook, inch by inch.” (source) Crochet hooks have also historically been used in many different medical procedures.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen a crochet hook used for?


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  1. purplebecca Reply

    I use an afghan hook to remove the sponge from the filtration system in my fish tank. It’s the only thing that works, but I’ll have to clean it really well if I take up Tunisian crochet. I have fond memories of helping my mom “frost” her hair by pulling tendrils through the cap with the little hook.

  2. I used one to turn down the heat in a classroom. The thermostat was reading 80 but had one of those locked covers. Luckily one of the bars was broken, giving just enough space to slide a crochet hook in and turn down the heat.

  3. I have used a crochet hook for almost every one of these purposes at one time or another (been crocheting for about 55 years!), but I cannot believe no one mentioned using a tiny crochet hook to dig food out of your poor old teeth.

  4. lol Awesome! My sister uses her crochet hooks I bought her to put her hair up in a bun. She cracks me up :)

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