I’ve asked people a few times on sites like Facebook where they’ve seen crochet represented in TV and movies. I’ve also done some research on my own. Here’s a roundup of crochet on the little and big screens:

People Crocheting

It’s not super common to see the characters on a show crochet but it does happen. Here are some examples:

breaking amish crochet

In the TLC reality show “Breaking Amish” there are many, many scenes with Abe’s mom, Mary, where she’s crocheting. In season 2 she teaches some of the kids to crochet.

Jess in The New Girl crochets with friends

People Wearing Crochet

Sometimes it’s not that you see people crocheting but that you see them wearing crochet:

molly weasley crochet sweater

Lots of people love the crochet sleeve sweater worn by Molly Weasley in Harry Potter

crochet nurse jackie

Vickie Howell showed us that Nurse Jackie wears a crochet scarf

Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 7.51.45 PM

This and That blog points out that Rhoda on Mary Tyler Moore wears a lot of knitwear and some of it definitely looks like crochet to me.

crochet grimm tv

MindyTV shares that Juliette wears a crochet top in Grimm

crochet in tv

Knit One, Knit Two points out the great crochet motif sweater in Clarissa Explains It All

Crocheted Items in the Background

It is more common to see crocheted items in the background of shows than to actually see people crocheting and probably even more common than to see people wearing crochet. Crochet blankets are the most common background item. Here are some examples:

1970s crochet blanket

A crochet blanket from 1970s themed show Life on Mars

granny square couch

Amy Farrah Fowler’s granny afghan on her couch in “Big Bang Theory”

crochet granny square blanket roseanne

There was a similar granny square blanket on the couch on Roseanne

true blood crochet blanket

More recently, True Blood’s Lafayette is often under a granny square blanket

emmerdale dingle crochet tv

There are lots of crochet blankets on the couches in British TV show Dingle Family

smurfs movie crochet blanket

The Smurfs movie had a crochet blanket in it

breaking bad crochet

Sarah London created a free crochet pattern for people who want to recreate the crochet blanket that it’s in Breaking Bad.

If you like seeing crochet in movies check out the Movie Still Monday posts by Croshame.


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  1. NatasjaKing Reply

    I have a whole section of my blog devoted to crochet seen on TV. http://crochetime.wordpress.com/category/as-seen-on-tv/

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  3. ive seen a shrug worn by wilson’s ex wife in the show house md that i love .
    its the episode where wilson and his ex wife (current girlfriend ) go on a double date with house and a trans hooker.
    you should check it out.

  4. Kathlene Gutierrez Reply

    Is there a website that provides patterns for crocheted items seen on tv? I just watched I just watched the first episode of Disney’s Jessie and she wears the the nicest crocheted jacket in a scene where she goes to school for a science presentation. I wish my eyesight where better but I just can’t get a good enough look at it to figure it out myself. Or even something similar. I have been looking for days and haven’t had any luck.

  5. The exact same blanket from the British show Dingle Family can also be seen on an episode of A Different World.

  6. Torina holloway Reply

    I would like to learn how to make a granny Stitch I am new at crocheting and I would love to learn more things about it can I get any help

  7. The British show is actually called Emerdalde, the family shown is the Dingle Family. Though a tv show just about them would be hilarious

  8. Ann Margaret’s jumpsuit in Tommy, lol.

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