I was recently reviewing the work of crochet artist Ivano Vitali. He takes alternative materials, mostly old newspapers, and upcycles them into yarn that is then used to create wearable art. I came across a terrific page on his site that shows images of the newspaper yarn balls that he created. It made me realize that the ball of alt-yarn is itself a work of art.

Ivano Vitali’s Paper Yarn Balls

yarn art

His site says:

“The pages of the newspapers are ripped in lots of strips of various measures and then transformed into a thread, without using water, glue, coloring or fixatives.”

yarn balls as art

Other Beautiful Newspaper Yarn

Here are some other examples of paper yarn that look like art:

newspaper yarn

This image comes from a Green Upgrader tutorial on how to spin newspaper yarn

newspaper yarn

Newspaper yarn on spindle via Flicker’s mothai1942

newspaper yarn art

And this spun newspaper yarn is from Flyhood

And Other Alternative Materials

Yarn balls made from various upcycled materials can look like art:

plastic bag yarn art

Beautiful colored plastic yarn via Flickr


Plarn in the grass from a post about how to spin plastic bag yarn

rag rug ball yarn

Rag rug yarn is beautiful as art on its own because of the great colors and prints

t-shirt yarn

Likewise with T-shirt yarn (from a tarn tutorial by Creative Jewish Mom)


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  1. jodiebodiecrochets Reply

    The paper yarn looks like a good material for crocheting little seed planter containers..once the seedling is big enough, plant it out in the garden, crocheted paper container and all, avoiding damage or shock to the delicate young roots. As the plant grows and needs more room, the container breaks down and adds to the organic matter in the soil.
    I also reckon it would be perfect for crocheting a pet bed or mat, especially for pets that like to chew their bedding (like my family’s bunny)provided that the inks used on the paper are non-toxic and from natural sources. I don’t like the thought of animals ingesting bits of synthetic fibres.

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