Last week I briefly introduced you to this month’s Crochet Concupiscence blog sponsors. Today I’d like to tell you more about one of them or more specifically about the product: a young adult book called Wonderful Walter.

About Wonderful Walter

Wonderful Walter is an Amazon Kindle book, available for $2.99 (or free to Prime members), that is written/ illustrated by Christina Croft and Andre Hilliard. It’s intended for ages 7-11 and can be read by kids that age on their own but the terrific colorful characters of the book almost make it great for out loud family reading.

The Amazon Book Description

wonderful walter kids book

Here’s the “about” to tell you more about this book:

““Wonderful Walter” is the first in a series of illustrated books for 7-11 year-olds, following the adventures of Walter, a boy who always wants to solve problems – his own and other people’s. Unfortunately, many of Walter’s solutions lead to further catastrophes and it is often left to his kindly Uncle Hugh to sort out the chaos. Set in London in 1946, the stories include historical details of life in the immediate post-war era and are peopled by interesting characters such as grumpy old Mr Grimshaw, of whom Walter is terrified, particularly when his pensive friend, Greville, tells him that ‘Old Grimshaw’s’ dark house is filled with dancing skeletons. In the first story, Walter’s attempts to help his mother lead to disaster when he inadvertently bumps into Mr Grimshaw and is forced to help the old man to solve a problem of his own…”

7 Things I Like About Wonderful Walter

I received a Kindle copy of Wonderful Walter as part of the sponsorship and I enjoyed checking it out. Why? Here are seven of the reasons:

  1. It kicks off with an introduction to some of the different terminology of 1946 London that a child might not be familiar with. What I like is that it immediately sets this tone for providing information in a way that is child-friendly but doesn’t talk down to kids.
  2. Simple cute illustrations … they made me smile!
  3. It includes great examples of imagination … like when it mentions that Walter likes to think about things like “how to reach the bottom of the sea without getting wet”.
  4. The characters are all charming. They are well fleshed-out so you can feel like you’re getting to know them.
  5. It tackles a serious topic (wartime and its devastation) in a lighthearted way that makes it easy to read and understand.
  6. Poetry is incorporated in small doses in portions of the book (through the character of Walter’s teacher) which is kind of nice to see! It also celebrates other art, such as painting, in small ways. Love seeing this creativity incorporated into the story.
  7. It’s a Chapter Book. I think that’s great for kids that are in the target age bracket.

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