Last week we looked at 20 crochet style examples from a vintage 1971 issue of McCall’s Needlework and Crafts. Here are more examples of great fun retro crochet from that same issue. I hope you find it inspiring!

70s crochet blanket

70s crochet fun

70s crochet women

70s mccalls crochet

1970s amigurumi

1970s crochet dress

1970s crochet family

1970s crochet granny square style

1970s crochet inspiration from mccalls

1970s crochet kid

1970s crochet kids

1970s crochet mccalls '71

1970s crochet motif bag
1970s crochet skirt

1970s crochet style mccalls fashion

1970s crocheters

1971 crochet woman

crochet accessories

crochet hair accessories

crochet images 1971 mccalls

crochet jewelry

mccalls 71 crochet inspiration


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