Inspired Crochet is a digital online monthly magazine for people who love crochet. I’m excited because I have an article featured in the July 2013 issue. I’m also excited because Inspired Crochet has generously offered some giveaway copies to a few of my readers!

About Inspired Crochet

Inspired Crochet is an online magazine filled wtih crochet patterns. It also includes interviews, tips, articles and other resources for people who love crochet. It aims to be for and by crocheters, a community magazine about and for the people who love crochet. You can order single issues or subscribe in 3-month or 6-month installments. The magazine is a monthly magazine with new issues released on the first of each month.

About My Inspired Crochet Article

JulyCover Inspired Crochet

The article that I wrote for July’s issue of Inspired Crochet is all about how to start a crochet book group; you can see that it’s listed right there on the front page! In this article, first I explain what a crochet book group is:

“A crochet book group is a group of people who all agree to read the same craft-related book and then get together to discuss it. The books aren’t crochet pattern books but either fiction or non-fiction books that relate to crochet in some way. During the discussion they also bring their crochet work and craft together as they talk. Some crochet book groups do a CAL where they are all working on the same project during the sessions whereas others opt to work on their own individual pieces.”

Then I go on to explain in detail the benefits of being part of a crochet book group, tips for starting a crochet book group and suggested crochet books for the group to get you started. I will admit I included my own book, Crochet Saved My Life, in the suggestions but there are lots of other fiction and non-fiction suggestions as well, which you can see in the full Inspired Crochet article.

Also in this Issue

inspired crochet designers

The issue has other articles, of course, as well as 11 different crochet patterns from the following designers:

  • Crochet It Baby
  • Heart For Your Home
  • Amimonozone
  • A Morning Cup of Jo
  • Kristins Crochet
  • Needle Nerd
  • Anja Tissen Designs
  • Luba Davies Designs
  • Ivory Herman
  • Kamlin
  • Dawn Mackes

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