I mentioned earlier this month that I have an article in the July ’13 issue of Inspired Crochet Digital Magazine that’s all about crochet book clubs – what they are, how to start one, what to read … One of the things I discuss in the article is the benefits of being a part of a crochet book club.

Here is a brief look at eight of the benefits that you may experience as a member of a crochet book club:

  1. You’ll get a chance to meet and regularly spend time with creative people who also like to read crafty books.
  2. You’ll have motivation to read some of the books that may be on your book list as well as to work on some of the projects that you’ve wanted to crochet.
  3. You will be exposed to new things in both crochet and reading. This expands your world in many ways.
  4. The members of your club can be a great resource when you need help with a crochet project so this offers practical help as well!
  5. Some people are intimidated by book clubs because it makes them anxious to just sit around talking about a book. Having crochet to work on during the session can relieve this anxiety and make the book group more comfortable.
  6. Likewise, some people are intimidated by craft groups because they are afraid they won’t know what to talk about with this group of people. The book is the common factor here.
  7. The process may help you discover new things about crafting and what it means to you.
  8. Your crochet book group will likely end up being a great source of inspiration, information and support.

Would you join a crochet book club? What would you read? See what books I suggest here.


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