Last week I shared the joy of crocheting dishcloths. I have mostly been making simple square cloths using basic stitches but I’m getting ready to branch out. I’ve been eyeing some of the most unique crochet cloth patterns online and wanted to share the twenty I think are must-see for anyone interested in following a crochet dishcloth pattern.

Many crochet dishcloth patterns use cotton yarn. Here are 10 tips to crochet with cotton.

1. Tunisian Pebbles Crochet Dishcloth

tunisian crochet dishcloth pattern

This free crochet dishcloth pattern from @mooglyblog was one of the first examples of Tunisian crochet bobbles for many of us.

2. Crochet Mandala Dishcloth

crochet mandala dishcloth

If you use a good cotton yarn for this crochet mandala pattern then it should make a beautiful crochet dishcloth. The free pattern is from Barbara of Made in K-town.

3. Textured Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

crochet dishcloth pattern

This is Kelsey’s Dishcloth pattern, a free Ravelry download by Melinda Miller

4. Gingham Crochet Potholder

gingham crochet potholder

This free crochet potholder pattern from Delights-Gems works well as a crochet dishcloth pattern as well. Such a pretty stitch!

5. Starfish Crochet Dishcloth

crochet starfish dishcloth

This is a free Coats and Clarks crochet pattern by Mary Ann Frits.

6. Diagonal Stitch Crochet Dishcloth

diagonal crochet dishcloth pattern

Crochet dishcloths are great projects for practicing new stitch patterns. I love the diagonal pattern on this free Ravelry download pattern by Ananda Judkins.

7. Starburst Stitch Dishcloth

starburst dishcloth pattern

Sarah from Blooming Patterns shares the free crochet dishcloth pattern called Little Starbursts.

8. Dishcloth Scrubbie

crochet scrubbie pattern

Carey Huffman’s Foamies over on Petite Purls are so cute … and functional too since they combine a dishcloth and scrubbie in one.

9. Flower Scrubby

crochet scrubbie pattern

Sugar n Cream has another free crochet pattern for a dishcloth scrubby.

10. Big Girl Dish Scrubbie

textured crochet dishcloth

This free crochet pattern from Laurie Laliberte has such great texture!

11. Apple Crochet Dishcloth

apple crochet dishcloth

Many kitchens are inspired by fruit themes. The free crochet pattern for the apple dishcloth by Salihan Crafts would be a great choice for such kitchens.

12. Rose Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

rose crochet dishcloth pattern

The Tea Rose crochet dishcloth pattern is free from Being Spiffy.

13. Puff Flower Crochet Dishcloth

puff flower crochet dishcloth

I love how this free crochet dishcloth pattern from CrochetMe has a cute puff flower in just one corner of the cloth. Sophisticated style.

14. Tunisian Crochet Dishcloths

tunisian crochet dishcloths

Purl Bee shows how to add a bold orange color to neutrals and use Tunisian Crochet to make unique dishcloths.

15. Treble Dishcloth and Matching Sponge

treble crochet dishcloth

AnastaciaKnits has a free crochet pattern called the Treble Dishcloth. I included its matching Treble Sponge in a previous roundup of 20 Free One-Skein Crochet Patterns. This photo of the dishcloth is by ScarvesEtc who was one of her testers.

16. Colorful Circle Dishcloth Pattern

maggies kitchen dishcloth pattern

The color choices make all the difference for this free crochet dishcloth pattern by Mandy Powers.

17. Mario Bros. Crochet Dishcloth

video game crochet dishcloth

You have to able to follow a graphic non-symbol crochet chart for this crochet dishcloth pattern by SommeSoldier.

18. Fan Shaped Crochet Dishcloth

fan crochet cloth

This unique Crochet Pattern starts in the corner and becomes a fan shape dishcloth.

19. Tulip Crochet Dishcloth

tulip dishcloth crochet

This free crochet pattern from Whiskers and Wool would brighten up any kitchen duty.

20. Waffle Crochet Dishcloth

waffle crochet dishcloth pattern

This crochet dishcloth pattern is a free Ravelry download by Chip Flory. Love this stitch pattern.


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      MissingVA Personally I like the yarns from Yarns of Italy. I also like Lily Sugar n Cream cotton yarn.

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