A lot of people seem really intimidated to crochet shirts and sweaters. We love to wear them but we’re afraid to make them because the sizing on a shirt has to be just right if it’s going to look good. It’s a shame that more people are crafting their own crochet shirts and sweaters, though, because there are so many terrific patterns out there for unique crochet tops. There are also a lot of great crochet tops made by various designers and worn on the runways, tops that definitely ought to inspire crocheters to craft their own. We’ll look at the most unique of all of the crochet shirts and sweaters in today’s roundup.

Want to make your own crochet sweater but feel intimidated by garment construction? Two great resources are Dora Ohrenstein’s Custom Crocheted Sweaters and Robyn Chachula’s Blueprint Crochet Sweaters.

The crochet shirts and sweaters in this massive roundup are divided into ten different categories: freeform crochet sweaters, crochet tops made using a niche crochet technique, oversized crochet sweaters, colorful crochet sweaters, designer crochet sweaters, crochet sweaters for men, kids’ crochet sweaters, novelty yarn crochet tops, vintage crochet sweaters, and the most UNFORGETTABLE crochet sweaters.

Freeform Crochet Shirts and Sweaters

1970s crochet sweater

1970s crochet sweater by Mona Mauri

novelty yarn crochet boehmian skirt

RINACOSTYLES on Etsy shares this cropped, hooded crochet sweater with matching freeform skirt

crochet motifs sweater

Designer Tammy Hildebrand explains, “Winner of the first place in fashion at the 2012 Crochet Guild of America design contest, this crochet top is made up of join-as-you-go flower motifs worked in a color-change yarn.” This crochet sweater pattern is in Interweave Spring 2013.

freeform crochet cardigan

This is ladylaine’s version of Teva Durham’s freeform crochet medallion cardigan

freeform crochet sweater

This freeform crochet sweater is sold on Etsy by

freeform crochet sweater for sale

Etsy’s sells this freeform crochet sweater

olgemini crochet sweater

Olgemini is known for great freeform crochet work like this sweater

sharron hedges freeform crochet blouse

1970s freeform crochet sweater by Sharron Hedges

crochet knit freeform shrug

This textured freeform crochet and knit sweater is sold on Etsy by

helen rodel crochet shirt

Contemporary runway freeform crochet from Helen Rodel

Crochet Shirts and Sweaters Made Using a Niche Crochet Technique

crochet sweater pattern

Linda Permann’s Peanut Butter Sweater, previously featured in my post on most popular crochet patterns to buy online, uses post stitches in a unique way to create a great pattern.

crochet cable sweater

I love the unique crochet cablework on the Yoko Sweater pattern by Linda Skuja

crochet pullover pattern

Interweave explains about this crochet sweater pattern: “Lily Chin explores the potential of a small double-ended hook to create a two-tone tunic “

crochet sweater ribbed

Julia Vasconsin’s Samira Sweater uses post stitches, ribbing and cabling; it’s a 2009 issue of Inside Crochet

filet crochet sweater

Amanda Saladin’s Jetsetter Sweater Pattern for Crochet Today gives a modern twist to classic filet crochet

filet crochet purple sweater

This free crochet shirt pattern from Jane Walters also uses filet crochet

broomstick lace crochet sweater

Doris Chan’s Chamomile Cardi uses my favorite niche crochet technique: Broomstick Lace

hairpin lace crochet sweater

This hairpin lace crochet sweater pattern is in Kristin Omdahl’s book Crochet So Fine: Exquisite Designs with Fine Yarns.

solomon knot crochet sweater

This openwork crochet sweater pattern sold by Cindy Kamps uses the unique Solomon’s Knot

tunisian crochet sweater

Tram Nguyen did a great job with this Tunisian Crochet tee-shirt sweater pattern that’s in Interwave Crochet Fall 2011

tapestry crochet sweaters

Margaret Wilson’s Scandinavian crochet pattern, for sale through Ravelry, is a great example of a sweater done in Tapestry Crochet

Oversized Crochet Shirts and Sweaters

crochet sweater book by sylvia cosh

Stone Circles vintage crochet sweater by James Walters and Sylvia Cosh

tapestry crochet sweater

This is Carol Ventura’s New World Sweater for Left Handed Crochet Patterns, a crochet pattern for sale through Ravelry that is worked in Tapestry Crochet

crochet sweater coat

Mari Lynn Patrick’s Perfect Fall Sweater in a 2008 issue of Crochet Today features pleats and other great details.

crochet circle stripes cardigan

Irinia Kireeva’s Spin-a-rama crochet wrap pattern is in the March 2012 issue of Inside Crochet

acero lace crochet top

The Acero Lace Crochet Top, design by Mona Modica in the Spring ’12 issue of Crochet! magazine is slightly oversized with particularly oversized arms. Love the motif lace design!

crochet cross stitch sweater

Deanna Young sells the crochet pattern for this oversized Cross-Stitch Crochet Shrug

crocodile stitch crochet sweater

I love the ribbing and crocodile stitch on this oversize crochet sweater pattern sold by Bonita Patterns

crochet swirl sweater pattern

Kristin Omdahl’s Oversize Swirl Sweater is a free CrochetMe pattern

crochet striped cardigan wrap

Angela Best’s Kystic Wrap Cardigan, pattern for sale through Ravelry, incorporates slip stitches, opposite-direction striping and high-low assymmetry.

Colorful Crochet Sweaters and Shirts

crochet sweater

I am in love with Svetlana Tomina’s crochet tulips sweater

mori crochet granny squares

Granny Square Crochet Vest worn by Mori / Harajuku Girls

granny square crochet shorts

Granny sweater and matching crochet shorts

crochet sweater pattern

Crochet Sweater Pattern free from Yuli Handmade

crochet slip stitch sweater

Lynn Sibley’s Sweet Little Stitches Pullover shows how to use neon slip stitches to make a bold statement.

colorful crochet tapestry sweater

The Harlequin Cardigan crochet pattern is in the November 2010 issue of Inside Crochet

pinwheel crochet sweater pattern

Amy Depew’s pinwheel crochet sweater pattern is a free Ravelry download

crochet colorful sweater

Purchase the crochet pattern for Molly’s Amazing Technicolor Housecoat through Ravelry

crochet stripe sweater pattern

Mary Jane Hall’s Striped Sleeveless Sweater crochet pattern can be found in Crochet That Fits: Shaped Fashions Without Increases or Decreases

ranibow crochet vest

This rainbow crochet sweater vest is by Babukatorium

crochet sweater

The Ellie Grace crochet sweater and matching hat is a great example of brightly colored crochet tops for kids

Designer Crochet Sweaters and Shirts

designer crochet top

Christian Lacroix Crochet Sweater Shirt

crochet sweater

Franco Moschino Fall ’12 Crochet Sweaters

mcq by mcqueen crochet

This is one of several crochet pieces in MCQ by McQueen

crochet sweater vest

Calvin Klein Women’s Open Crochet Sleeveless Sweater

chanel crochet sweater

Chanel ’10 Crochet Floral Sweater

designer crochet shirt

2010 Dolce & Gabbana crochet shirt with cute cap sleeves

designer crochet sweater

Dries Van Noten two-tone crochet sweater

donna karan crochet kimono

Donna Karan crochet kimono sweater

helmut lang crochet

The Helmut Lang brand put crochet on the NYFW runway for Spring Summer 2012

crochet leather jacket

Hussein Chalayan crochet sweaters

Mens’ Crochet Sweaters and Shirts

crochet mens sweater

Terrific textured details on this men’s crochet sweater previously sold on by ozarknomad

crochet men sweater pattern

Inside Crochet shares about this sweater pattern: “The jumper features a masculine take on filet lace, inspired by the traditional military commando sweater.”

crochet mens cardigan

Basketweave crochet men’s cardigan made by House of Humble

crochet sweater vest men

1970s Men’s Crochet Sweater Vest by James Walters and Sylvia Cosh

mens crochet mock cable sweater

Men’s Crochet Mock Cable Sweater from Joanne Seiff’s Fiber Gathering: Knit, Crochet, Spin, and Dye More than 25 Projects Inspired by America’s Festivals.

crochet cable men

The Otis Sweater by Peter Franzi from the Jan/Feb ’13 issue of Crochet Today uses subtle cabling to create a unique look.

mens cotton crochet sweater

This men’s cotton crochet pullover by Etsy’s has color details that are unique to see in men’s sweaters.

crochet men pullover sweater

The Tuxedo Front Pullover is a Kim Kotary crochet sweater pattern from the November ’09 issue of Crochet! Magazine

ribbed crochet mens sweater pattern

Annette Petavy’s Russell Sweater combines vertical and horizontal ribbed stitches for a unique crochet mens sweater

crochet hoodie pattern

Dawg is the name of this hoodie crochet pattern by Drew Emborksy. Find the pattern in The Crochet Dude’s Designs for Guys: 30 Projects Men Will Love.

Kids’ Crochet Shirts and Sweaters

kids crochet sweater

I adore this little set that @creativejmom made using the sweater pattern from Moogly and the hat pattern from AlliCrafts

crochet hexagon baby sweater

The hexagon baby sweater is a free crochet pattern from Cozy’s Corner

crochet dress pattern

The Daphne crochet top by MissyBDesigns can be worn as a tunic sweater or a dress

crochet sweater pattern 1930s vintage

1932 vintage crochet pattern for pair of “brother and sister sweaters”; the only difference between the boys’ and girls’ version is the placement of the buttons.

crochet boys sweater

I love the Aran crochet sweater for boys; pattern sold through Ravelry

ernie crochet sweater

The Ernie Crochet Sweater pattern is a free Ravelry download that’s great for Sesame Street loving kids


Crochet sweater and beret set designed for a toddler girl. I adore the colors and details. It’s by MagdaleneKnits.


The crochet pattern for this girls’ cardigan is sold on Ravelry by Ingunn Santini

crochet girls cardigan

This Etsy crochet newborn sweater pattern adds a row of bobbles to make a basic design much more unique

boys tapestry crochet sweater

Ann E. Smith designed this tapestry crochet boys’ geometric sweater

Crochet Shirts and Sweaters Made Using Novelty Yarn

crochet mohair sweater

Northern Bloom Crochet Sweater Pattern by Even Howard in Interweave Winter ’07 madewith mohair/silk blend yarn

crochet drop stitch sweater

This free Red Heart crochet pattern by the Double Stitch Twins uses drop stitches in a partially-metallic yarn

crochet cotton sweater

Tribe by Lisa Richardson is a Rowan crochet pattern that uses a combo linen/ cotton yarn, making it a great summer sweater tee

crochet yak sweater pattern

The Sue Sweater crochet pattern made by Rebecca Velasquez for Bijou Basin Ranch uses a yak/ merino blend yarn

crochet bolero sweater pattern

The Katie Bolero sweater by Robyn Chachula in Blueprint Crochet Sweaters is made from 100& soy yarn

crochet faux fur jacket

This sweater from Ambika Boutique is made with angora rabbit fur

fuzzy crochet sweater vest

Etsy’s sells this fuzzy crochet sweater vest

metallic yarn crochet sweater pattern

Dora Ohrenstein’s Black Magic Pullover crochet pattern uses metallic yarn to make V-shaped stripes

lacroix crochet dress

This Christian Lacroix three piece suit incorporates metallics and sequins on the sweater and top

rodarte summer 2013 crochet

The New York Times noted that “a sweater with orange crochet squares linked with metal were in Rodarte’s fine tradition of handwork.”

Vintage Crochet Tops

1930s crochet sweater pattern

I love this detailed 1934 crochet sweater top with matching belt and ascot. The free vintage crochet pattern is available online. I previously featured it in a post of the best free 1930s crochet patterns.

crochet sweater pattern 1930s

Miss Julia’s Craft Connection Vintage Patterns sells the reproduced pdf of this short sleeve crochet sweater pattern from 1934. She sells some other crochet patterns from this year on Etsy: OriginalsByMissJulia.

vintage knit crochet pattern book

ivarose also produces reproductions of lots of different vintage crochet books. This is an image from one called Columbia #41 c.1932 Knitted & Crochet Patterns Misses & Women’s Vintage Sweaters Scarfs & Caps.

rose crochet blouse

The Vintage Rose crochet sweater pattern is a free Ravelry download

vintage crochet blouse pattern

1935 vintage crochet blouse pattern, PDF sold on Etsy via VintagePatternPlace; I love the open back on this one!

crochet lace blouse

This boho style pineapple crochet top (work done by Ladylace) is from a pattern in the out-of-print book A Treasury of Crocheted Sweaters

crochet gold fringe crop top

1970s Fringed Crochet Crop Top with matching pants via Etsy’s Naomi Storey.

janet lipkin decker crochet

1970’s open-tummy crochet sweater by Janet Lipkin Decker

new york skyline crochet sweater

1980s New York Skyline crochet sweater by Sylvia Cosh

crochet sweater pattern with bows

The Millie Cardigan by Alicia Paulson is a contemporary design inspired by vintage crochet patterns and can be found in the book Vintage Crochet

The Most UNFORGETTABLE Crochet Shirts and Sweaters

crochet sweater pattern

One of my favorite crochet sweaters is the Peacock Sweater pattern by Linda Skuja. It has great shaping, unique arm details and a cool openwork design in back.

crochet sweater tank

I haven’t seen anything quite like this crochet sweater tank from ermval; have you?

peter pan crochet sweater

Nicki Trench’s crochet cardigan in Geek Chic Crochet is memorable for its Peter Pan Collar

1970s crochet bridal

You’ll never forget your special day with a crochet bridal sweater like this one from McCalls’ 1975.

austen crochet

This is the unforgettable Eat Your Heart Out Willoughby crochet pattern by Melissa Horozewski in the book Austentatious Crochet: 36 Contemporary Designs from the World of Jane Austen.

men's crochet cardigan

This men’s Star Trek sweater by Patrick Hassel-Zein uses Tunisian crochet, zipper work and more.


The designer crochet sweater that always sticks in my mind is the one put onto the runway a couple of years back by Christopher Kane, bringing a new level of sophistication to the granny square

crochet flag sweater

Who can forget the classic American flag crochet sweater, a free Lion Brand pattern

halloween crochet

Or the My Little Pumpkin crochet sweater pattern over at ePatterns Central

pet crochet

Crochet sweaters for pets, like this one that I made for Betty

Did you find this post inspiring? It’s part of a series, so you may also want to check out my roundups of 100 unique crochet scarves and 100 unique crochet skirts and 100 unique crochet hats and 100 unique crochet shawls.


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