Clemence Joly is a French artist who has done some really interesting work in crochet. She has also done work in graphic design, photography and illustration but of course it’s the crochet art that interests me most. In particularly, I loved the juxtaposition of two different series that she has done.

crochet candy

One is her ongoing WIP series of trying to crochet cakes and cookies using actual candy. She appears to be using something similar to thin licorice and crocheting it into colorful candy shapes. I love seeing crochet with alternative materials, including food!

crochet candy art

But if you’re eating too much of that crochet candy then you might need to go to the dentist so it seems appropriate that she also has a crochet dentist series! :)

crochet teeth

crochet toothpaste

Check out Clemence Joly’s other work on her website. In particular, you may want to take a look at The Wool Butchery, her graduation project, which reminds me a lot of the work of celebrated crochet artist Kate Jenkins.


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