I love the colorful freeform doily art by Asimina Chremos, which I first featured here on the blog over a year ago and then mentioned again about six months ago. The artist is continuing to work on some interesting stuff. An announcement on her Etsy shop says that she’s in the midst of preparing for an October 2013 exhibit; I can’t wait to see what emerges for that! In the meantime, I’ve been keeping up with her creations through her Facebook updates. Here are a few photos she’s shared there:

colorful crochet doily art

crochet doilies

pastel crochet doily art

crochet doily art

neo doily crochet art

asimina chremos crochet art

freeform crochet jewelry

freeform crochet jewelry cuff

I’m especially loving how Asimina has transformed her doily work into cool freeform crochet jewelry cuffs!


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