I have been asked many times how I learned to crochet. Of course, the answer is always basically the same but I share different details depending on the context of the question. I thought I’d round up some of those answers today to offer a full picture of how I came to this craft.

The Basics

I explained in an interview with The Stitch Fixer:

“I originally learned how to do basic crochet from my mother when I was a child. My mom was terrific at constantly introducing us kids to new crafts, activities and experiences so we dabbled in many things like crochet. I didn’t do much with crochet until I was an adult, though.

I re-discovered the craft when I was battling an intense period of chronic depression. I remembered the joy and peace of crafting as a child and returned to that for solace. I taught myself mostly by working through a kids’ crochet pattern book although I used YouTube videos for a few things where the book wasn’t quite clear enough.”


I elaborated in an interview with Seven Alive:

“I originally learned to crochet the basic chain from my mother when I was a child. I didn’t crochet again until I was deep in the midst of depression in my mid-twenties. At the time I was trying all of the advice I could for healing and I’d heard somewhere along the way that what you’re meant to do as an adult is what you enjoyed doing as a child. I tried to think back and I could remember that I always used to make friendship bracelets. For some reason, crochet came to mind and I decided to try that.
I actually asked my mom to teach me again but neither of us could quite figure out how to do it using the information in her old crochet magazines. I ended up mostly re-teaching myself using kids’ crochet books. I did use YouTube videos to get the basic loop down but after that I found books worked better for me.
So, for me, I turned to crochet during this time because it was similar to crafts I’d enjoyed as a child. As readers will learn in the book, I tried dozens of different things to interest me during my depression from dance classes to business classes and nothing really stuck. Crochet worked because it was creative but easy and affordable.”

A Different Aspect

I was able to share a little bit more about my crochet background in an interview with Kanelstrand, when I was asked: “What is your background and how did you embark on the crochet journey?”

“I was born in Arizona and moved to San Francisco about seven years ago because it is a place where I feel immensely creative. I have always been an artistic person who works mostly in writing but also dabbles in various craft-based arts.

In 2009 I succumbed to a lifelong battle with depression and really experienced a difficult time. It was during this period that I began to crochet. It wasn’t something that I knew would help me in the deep ways that it did; it was just one of the few things that helped to soothe me, calm me down and bring some element of joy back into my life so I did it. That was the start of my crochet journey, a journey I’ve been actively traveling ever since!

In 2011 I launched my crochet blog, Crochet Concupiscence. That was when I started to delve deeply into researching all aspects of crochet and really came to be a part of the amazing online crochet community. My book, Crochet Saved My Life, came out in 2012 and has taken me to even new levels of appreciating this craft.”

In addition to learning how to crochet, I’ve learned a lot from crochet. Check out my previous post on 25 Things I’ve Learned From Crochet.


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  1. crochetcraftsbycarole Reply

    Thank you for this post, very similar to my story, I crashed with a chronic episode of depression and was off work for a few months, I needed something to do with my time and found crochet. I now have a focus and something to fill those endless hours of the day. Thankfully I am on the mend and back to working full time.

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