A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was excited to see that in November 2013 there’s going to be a new Wizard of Oz crochet pattern book by Kristen Rask. Here are some of the other upcoming crochet books I’m eyeing on Amazon:

granny squares book

Granny Squares-All Shapes and Sizes. This book by Beatrice Simon and Barbara Wilder is subtitled “Over 50 Projects and Techniques to Give the Classic Crochet Pattern a Whole New Look”. The description adds, “These “granny squares” might actually be hexagons, triangles, pentagons, or circles and can be fashioned into everything from afghans and potholders to pillows and fingerless gloves using these innovative and colorful designs.” So it’s really motifs and variations on granny squares and they look like they may be fun. This crochet book comes out in February 2014.

granny square flowers

There’s another beautiful-looking granny square book coming out too. It’s by Margaret Hubert and is called Granny Square Flowers: 50 Botanical Crochet Motifs and 15 Original Projects. It’ll be out in November 2013.

30 minute crochet

30 Minute Crochet by Carol Meldrum is being released in October 2013. It includes patterns for gloves, toys, mug cozies and more instant gratification projects.

crochet makers

The Creative Makers series is coming out with Simple Crochet by Sara Sinaguglia. Amazon says: “Taking her inspiration and palette from her country cottage home and the glorious Dorset landscape that surrounds it, Sara has created 35 easy-to-make crochet projects for everyday life.” This book is due out in October 2013 and the preview looks like it offers some cute stuff.

crochet love

Another cute-looking crochet book due out in October 2013 is Crochet Love: 27 Sweet & Simple Zakka-Inspired Projects. Amazon says: “Simple, elegant, and accessible, Japanese zakka—“crafts for the home”—is a hot new trend. Jenny Doh brings this colorful and super-cute aesthetic to the world of crochet.”

stitch red

Crochet Red. I’ve told you before about this book from the series Stitch Red, a Jimmy Beans Wool project to help raise heart health awareness through crafting. The book is due out January 2014.

mollie makes crochet

Mollie Makes is coming out with a crochet project book in August 2013.

crochet monkey business

Crochet Monkey Business looks adorable. There isn’t a lot of information on Amazon yet about this book that’s coming out in December 2013 but I’ve been made curious by the subtitle: “A Crochet Story with Amigurumi Projects”.

crochet creatures

Amazon describes this new Brenda K.B. Anderson book: “Join author Brenda Anderson and her fascination with scary-cute creatures to crochet. In this collection Brenda presents 23 accessories and toys, featuring furry monsters, carnivorous plants, killer robots, and menacing tiki figures. While there are some literal monsters in the bunch–toys and amigurumi–discover a majority of projects that are wearable accessories and garments.” This one comes out in October 2013.

fashion crochet

Finally I’m especially looking forward to Fashion Crochet: 30 Crochet Projects Inspired by the Runway by Claire Montgomerie of Inside Crochet. It comes out in September 2013.

This post is part of my May crochet inspiration series. I hope it inspires you to:

  • Preorder those crochet books. All of those links will take you to the Amazon pages for the books. Disclosure: I use the Amazon affiliate program so I get a few pennies on those click-through purchases but it doesn’t cost you anything. Buying crochet books supports crochet designers and crochet authors. Do it!
  • Start making a book list of crochet books that you don’t have but would like to check out. If you can’t afford to buy new books you can always get them from your library or sites like Paperback Swap.
  • Let others know about the crochet books that you love. Spread the word. Support craft publishing!
  • Share your favorite crochet book in the comments below!
  • Crochet. Sometimes just seeing what new things are coming out makes me ready to pick up my hook and get at it myself.

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