For today’s post in my month-long crochet inspiration series I thought I’d do a roundup of some of the stories already on this blog that talk about moms. But before I do that, I want to give a shoutout to my own mom; that’s her above with a crochet checkerboard she made in the 1980s. She was the one who originally taught me to crochet as a kid and encouraged me when I started again as an adult. She has sent me yarn, crochet projects, vintage crochet magazines and more. Mom paused her crochet for a long time but has started again in recent years and it always makes me happy to see what she’s making. So Happy Mother’s Day to my awesome mommy. And Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are moms, biological or otherwise. Have a great day!

pat ahern crochet portrait mom

Crochet artist Pat Ahern learned to crochet from his crafty mom. This is a WIP crochet portrait that he did based off of a picture of her when she was younger.

crochet heart

Etsy’s Snippetfairy learned to crochet from Mom and Grandma. She says: “My mom taught me the very basic stitch when I was a little kid. I remember being fascinated by the process and creating many long “chains”. It was a while before I learned to actually add the stitches together in more than just a single row. It was my grandmother that guided me through my first “real” crochet project. It was a pincushion with a circle of black velvet fabric on top, surrounded by several rows of colorful crochet. I still have the thing! I must have been about 8 or 9 years old.” Another Etsy crocheter who not only learned to crochet with her mom but has a multi-generational involvement in crocheting in her family is Dona of Onajeans.

crochet hands

Motherhood can be wonderful but it can also be really difficult. Many women use crochet to help them through various pregnancy issues and motherhood stresses, something I wrote a lot about in my book Crochet Saved My Life. Some of those stories include: Kimberly who has a special needs child, Laurinda of Remembering Rowan, Kristine of Ambassador Crochet who had anxiety around pregnancy complications, and Rachel Brown who struggled with postpartum.

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Lauren of 2nd Look Vintage has taken her mom’s vintage crochet pattern collection and updated them to be of use to crocheters today.

medical crochet

Artist Lauriane Lasselin was inspired by her mom’s crochet. She says, “I learned to crochet when I was around 10. Before that I would use crocheted pieces that my mother wouldn’t use and sew them together to create with patchworks technique little creations.”


Another artist who learned to crochet from her mother is Mary Tuma.

crochet hooks

In the 1950s a teenage boy purchased a crochet baby layette from someone he considered to be like an adoptive mother. He gave it to his pregnant aunt and the item has now been worn by almost 40 babies in the family!

Feel free to give a shoutout to your own mom in the comments below and tell us how she inspires or supports your crafting! And learn more about my mom and the moms of other crochet bloggers and artists by checking out the guest post I did earlier this week on Crochet Today.


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    My mom knitted; I prefer crochet for its versatility and speed of completion. That added to the ease of only working with one stitch at a time won the day. I love hooking even if all i do is tear it out and start again next day. Soothing, repetitive, comforting and comfortable… I am preaching to the choir here I know. Thanks for our fab blog. I enjoy it every time I read it. Come see me at for cute baby pics, quilts, crocheting, gardening and the gorgeousness of northern California.

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