A little while ago I did a guest post on the lovely blog James and Jax. In it I talk about why crochet is a great craft for embracing your creative side.

The post begins:

“I believe that everyone is creative. I think it’s in our nature. I think that doing creative things not only helps to improve our quality of life, but also actually offers hands-on healing for a variety of different ailments that we may encounter. Unfortunately I have seen all too many times that there are people who don’t think of themselves as creative and who therefore limit the potential for their own healing by shying away from creative activities. In my opinion, crochet is a craft that can help with this problem, because it is a creative act that almost anyone can do.”

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  1. lyndamotvos Reply

    Crochet is an easily learned craft which offers immediate gratification. I believe that most anyone can learn how to do it. I have taught developmentally disabled adults and teens, elderly, kids… One nine-year old dove into a shawl of her own pattern less than a month after she picked up a hook and begged skeins from my stash. Talk about a satisfying experience in educational endeavors–that one had me riding the crest of the wave for a few months.

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