Crochet designer Stacy of Crochet Kitten makes many different types of crochet patterns. Of course, one of the things that she has gotten known for is her crochet kitten patterns. She has a huge collection of crochet patterns for cats that would be perfect for any animal or amigurumi lover. What I want to focus on today is her set of Zodiac Crochet Kittens, which I think are just totally adorable and inspired!

CrochetKitten’s Zodiac Crochet Kittens

crochet kitten patterns

About Crochet Kitten

crochet kitten

“ is run by Selena K, a feral-turned-domestic house cat, and the crochet-crazy Animator’s Wife. Their crochet patterns are anything but ordinary as The Animator’s Wife strives to be fashionable in a house where geek-dom is king. The results are crochet patterns that mix style with adorkability and just a hint of silliness. After all, crocheting should be fun! But for the serious crocheter, they also offer many advanced and detailed tutorials that would interest both the beginner and expert crocheter.”
Since CrochetKitten already has such a great collection of amigurumi patterns to choose from she’s going to be focusing for a little while on developing her other great crochet pattern lines. We can expect more from her on the fashion, geeky, and belly dancing pattern arena. Keep up to date with new crochet patterns and tutorials from Crochet Kitten on Selena’s blog at, or follow Selena on Twitter @CrochetKitten and on Facebook at

March Discount for My Readers

My next free monthly crochet newsletter is going to be hitting inboxes soon. It will contain a 15% discount off of anything in the Crochet Kitten Ravelry store, which includes not only her Zodiac Crochet Kitten patterns but also lots of other great crochet patterns. Sign up now free to get that discount code this week.

What Sign Are You?

aries crochet kitten

I’m an Aries. (That’s Crochet Kitten’s Aries kitty above; I love the eyes!) Share in the comments what zodiac sign you are!

Disclosure: Crochet Kitten is one of my March crochet sponsors. All opinions in this post are my own and are not influenced by sponsorship. Want to be a Crochet Concupiscence blog sponsor? Get your ad today.


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  1. They are very cute. As the only sign that gets a pair of kittehs, I feel lucky today !~!

  2. Stephanie B. Reply

    I am a Scorpio and I love the one she made for that. I love them all, really!

  3. Aries checking in! They are cute, but since Aries is a fire sign, shouldn’t the kitty be red or orange? Happy birthday to all my fellow Aries out there. :)

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